The beautiful gesture of Valeria González with the health personnel who care for her mother, Hilda Siverio

The beautiful gesture of Valeria Gonzalez with the health personnel

Valeria González has shown through TikTok the step by step of the gifts that she prepared for the doctors and nurses to thank them for their work Hilda Siverio continues to be admitted under palliative care at the hospital and her daughter wanted to thank the staff who care for her mother The 51-year-old influencer … Read more

This is Valeria Gómez, the Bellea del Foc infantile fan of Rosalía

Very fan of Rosalía and Aitana, the Bellea del Foc Infantil Valeria Gómez enjoys the afternoon of photos for El Español at the Teatro Principal in Alicante. Like her adult companions, this is the place where the return of the holidays after a three-year break is celebrated. They are the happy days represented by the … Read more