Martinican singer Maurane Voyer takes the stage for the first time in Paris for an unprecedented concert – Outre-mer la 1ère

1673730417 Martinican singer Maurane Voyer takes the stage for the first

After her album “Bazar” released in 2020, the Martinican singer is back with a second album entitled “BBW”. For the first time, Maurane Voyer performed in Paris this Friday, January 13, and her audience was there. In a subdued atmosphere, with muted lights, the prestigious room of the New Morning, in the 10th arrondissement of … Read more

Justin Bieber postpones his 2 concerts in Spain and says goodbye to the stage until April 2023

Metallica y Mariah Carey se unen por una buena causa

His show at Rock in Rio 2022 was the last he Justin Bieber He gave in this 2022. This has been officially confirmed through a statement on all his social networks. All the remaining concerts of his Justice World Tour They are postponed until 2023. And although the official note does not say so, health … Read more

The Radionic Concert Route presented the FIURA Radionic Stage in Cali | Radionics

1665559980 The Radionic Concert Route presented the FIURA Radionic Stage in

The Radionic concert this year it was transformed, in Cali we presented the Cali Radionic Stagewithin the framework of one of the most important music festivals in the capital of Valle del Cauca, the International University Festival of Alternative Rock FIURAthis year celebrating the 14th version of an event that promotes and highlights Valle del … Read more

Nick Cave: “Every time I go on stage, I feel indebted”

Saint Galmier Coralie Dupre is the new Miss Loire

On the occasion of the publication of a book of interviews, the Australian musician confides in the “New York Times Magazine” in a very intimate interview. At 65, Nick Cave reflects on the tragic deaths of two of his children and the role his audience and the stage played in his recovery from bereavement. He … Read more

CRO Race – LIVE VIDEO: the 1st stage of the CRO Race with L’Equipe

CRO Race LIVE VIDEO the 1st stage of the.webp

Since 2015, the CROC Race – formerly called the Tour of Croatia – has had a makeover after eight years of absence. And this new edition, which will take place from September 27 to October 2, does not exception to the rule. It should thus have a show for six days with five hilly stages. … Read more

Bruce Springsteen joins the Killers on stage

What we suspected about Criminal Minds least popular character for

Drummer of legendary hair metal band Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee released his latest album this fall. Rolling Stone France met him, exclusively What was the starting point of the adventure Android ? When the last Mötley Crüe tour ended, I was thinking of taking a little vacation to… recharge my batteries, without music, without anything. … Read more

Hertzainak will bid farewell to the stage with two concerts at the BEC and in Vitoria

Les Appearances France 2 Benjamain Biolay For me who voluntarily

Come back Hertzainak and they will do it with last two concerts at the BEC of Barakaldo and in Vitoria, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this legendary Basque rock group and to say a final goodbye to their followers. “Forever. Or so we think,” announced Josu Zabala, a founding member of the band. Gari, … Read more

Rammstein at the Foro Sol: memes, stage, set list and meetings with fans in Mexico

Rammstein at the Foro Sol memes stage set list and

The expectation for the three concerts is very high Credit: Twitter/@Davemetal17/@TransportesK/Yedi_mihn) Rammstein will offer three concerts at Foro SolFor a few days, images of people who camped outside this venue were released to be as close as possible to the stage. A few hours before the event on October 1, some Internet users have already … Read more

CRO Race – Axel Laurance offers himself the 4th stage and his 1st in Pro, Milan 2nd

CRO Race Axel Laurance offers himself the 4th stage

At the end of a tortuous finish and made very slippery by the rain, it is the French neo-professional Axel Laurance who sprinted to the 4th stage of the CRO Race, and with it a magnificent first success in his young career. Aged 21 and very prominent at the end of 2022, the all-purpose sprinter … Read more