Ana Mena, Quevedo, Ed Sheeran, Maneskin and Myke Towers land with their new songs

Ana Mena Quevedo Ed Sheeran Maneskin and Myke Towers land

The wait is over. If the week has become excessively long, today you celebrate that Friday has arrived and that, therefore, your well-deserved rest begins. But, in addition, you will enjoy it hand in hand with the new songs brought by some of your favorite artists, who have been in charge of becoming your soundtrack … Read more

Apple ranking in the United States: top 10 of the most popular songs of this day

1673897479 Apple ranking in the United States top 10 of the

The musical offer has never been so extensive as we see it in the new millennium, so it is easy for more than one person to feel outdated, however, with the emergence of platforms like Apple, keeping up with the most popular of the moment has become easier. And it is that Apple has provided … Read more

Spotify ranking: the 10 most listened to songs in Ecuador

Spotify ranking the 10 most listened to songs in Ecuador

Since the first records of human history, sound and music have always been present. Because it is a universal languageit is capable of being understood and felt by anyone regardless of their language or culture. Music has the power to connect individuals with their emotionswhether it makes them feel happiness, nostalgia, sadness and a whole … Read more

The best songs to listen to on Spotify Spain at any time and place

1673807937 The best songs to listen to on Spotify Spain at

Music industry companies and artists They have found an alternative on streaming platforms so that the songs reach more people and more countries, a good example of this has been Spotify, which has taken advantage and is now positioned as one of the favorite ways to use by the Spanish public. However, given a wide … Read more

Shakira’s song talks about 5 songs… and not just about Piqué

Shakiras song talks about 5 songs and not just about

The launch of the music sessions Shakira and the Argentine Bizarrap became an almost planetary event. Apart from the controversy due to its clear autobiographical content, the song raised topics of conversation that were discussed heatedly, humorously or deeply in that universal public square that the Internet and its networks have become. On Thursday, January … Read more