“Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)”, the song that made Eurythmics realize their dreams

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This the song that made

Reading time: 6 mins Nothing ventured, nothing gained. This sentence could well find its musical archetype in the history of the piece “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)»released on January 21, 1983 by British duo Eurythmics. A world hit, very anchored in its sound era, of course, but which has found, in originality and formidable … Read more

Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift: when pop stars attack their exes in song

Shakira Miley Cyrus Taylor Swift when pop stars attack their

The settling of musical accounts, an exercise to which the stars of world pop willingly lend themselves, is being emulated more and more. The result is open-hearted ballads, revengeful texts and, almost always, fallout in the tabloid press. Busy weekend for abused women. Since Friday, social networks have been delighting in new songs from Miley … Read more

Corey Taylor (Slipknot) and Tobias Forge (Ghost) Name Their Favorite Slayer Song

Corey Taylor Slipknot and Tobias Forge Ghost Name Their Favorite

Among the many fans of the same group, it is always interesting to see what catches the attention of one or the other, because the tastes of music lovers of the same genre can be very different. It’s pretty obvious if you take the time to think about it, everyone likes things for significantly different … Read more

“You changed a Ferrari for a Twingo”: Shakira destroys her ex Piqué in a new song

You changed a Ferrari for a Twingo Shakira destroys her

“A wolf like me doesn’t deserve a guy like you. “His name is not mentioned but it is incontestably Gerard Pique that Shakira targets in her new title entitled “BZRP Music Sessions #53”, published this Thursday on YouTube. A song that quickly went viral. In a studio with blue lights, the Colombian singer dressed in … Read more

What is the most played song on Spotify Spain this day

What is the most played song on Spotify Spain this

Since the first records of human history, sound and music have always been present. Because it is a universal languageit is capable of being understood and felt by anyone regardless of their language or culture. Music has the power to connect individuals with their emotionswhether it makes them feel happiness, nostalgia, sadness and a whole … Read more

Sorority, feminism and revenge: the debates that Shakira’s new song has generated

Sorority feminism and revenge the debates that Shakiras new song

When Shakira and Piqué announced their separation last June, after 12 years together and two children together, Milan and Sasha, memes began to circulate on social networks saying that nothing has united Latin America as much as the support for Shakira in his tusa. The barranquillera has thanked him after seeing what songs how I … Read more

What is the most played song on Spotify Colombia this day

1673713293 What is the most played song on Spotify Colombia this

Music industry companies and artists They have found an alternative on streaming platforms For the songs to reach more people and more countries, a good example of this has been Spotify, which has taken advantage and is now positioned as one of the favorite ways to use by the Colombian public. However, given a wide … Read more

Shakira’s song talks about 5 songs… and not just about Piqué

Shakiras song talks about 5 songs and not just about

The launch of the music sessions Shakira and the Argentine Bizarrap became an almost planetary event. Apart from the controversy due to its clear autobiographical content, the song raised topics of conversation that were discussed heatedly, humorously or deeply in that universal public square that the Internet and its networks have become. On Thursday, January … Read more

Feminism, sorority or revenge: open debates against Shakira’s song

Feminism sorority or revenge open debates against Shakiras song

Written in CELEBRITIES the 1/13/2023 08:54 a.m. This 2023 began with all the energy to Shakira who was generating expectation on social networks with his new song in the company of bizarre. The Argentine producer and the Colombian singer announced the BZRP Music Session #53a theme that already has guaranteed success because just a few … Read more

Godsmack Drummer on Metallica’s New Song: “If It Came From A New Band, It Wouldn’t Be Number 2 On The Charts”

Godsmack Drummer on Metallicas New Song If It Came From

Many people have given their opinion on the latest single from MetallicaLux Æterna, and now it’s the turn of the drummer of GodsmackShannon Larkin. Larkin was recently a guest on the 2020’d podcast, and at one point compared Godsmack and Metallica’s performance on the charts and on radio Rock in the USA. Godsmack is known … Read more