David Hallyday, he breaks the silence and explains the reasons for the cancellation of his concerts

David Hallyday he breaks the silence and explains the reasons

© David Hallyday, he breaks the silence and explains the reasons for the cancellation of his concerts – Source: Getty Images To see See no more the table of contents In the coming months, David Hallyday had many concerts planned. Unfortunately, they all seem canceled. Thus, the singer still wanted to speak in order to … Read more

Dua Lipa breaks the silence about her love life after rumors of romance with two actors

Dua Lipa breaks the silence about her love life after

After many rumors about his love life, Dua Lipa broke the silence and crushed all kinds of speculation after discussing his relationship status in the latest of his iHeartRadio podcast, Dua Lipa: At Your Service. In this chapter, the singer spoke with her colleague Charli XCX, both were honest about couple and sentimental issues, so … Read more

The Sounds reopens after more than a year and a half of silence

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November 17, 2021 Today at 20:47 A cult jazz venue in Brussels, the Sounds, a mythical club closed in dead silence during confinement in 2020, reopens its doors with fanfare on November 18, as Joachim Caffonnette, pianist and member of the “band” at the initiative of this resurrection: the collective Sounds live. A talented pianist, … Read more

Shakira’s broken silence for Piqué and the whirlwind called Dua Lipa, among the most read of the week

Shakiras broken silence for Pique and the whirlwind called Dua

“I can only say that I put everything I had in this relationship and in my family”, was what the singer Shakira declared in an interview for the magazine shewhere for the first time he spoke about his breakup with Gerard Piqué. The singer explained that she is going through a very dark stage, where … Read more

Charles III: activist prince now king of silence?

Blackout – L1genyeur Benefils SLow Deejay AP

Some had nicknamed him the activist prince. After having put on the heavy clothes of king, Charles III, so different from his mother Elizabeth II, must now embody an impartial and serene monarchy, whose every word and gesture will be commented on. Head of State with largely symbolic power, a man of sometimes controversial passions, … Read more

Stromae, his return and the reason for a seven-year silence: “I decided to dedicate myself, not to return to music, to leave”

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Excited by the journalist’s request — “I’d like to see what you’ve been listening to lately” — Paul van Haver, real name of Stromae (Brussels, Belgium, 37 years old), grabs his personal phone and lets you take a look at the list of favorite songs of the last days on the Spotify platform. Along with … Read more

From Heroes of Silence to Raphael: the mythical concerts that could be seen for free at the Malaga Fair

From Heroes of Silence to Raphael the mythical concerts that

Although the level of programming has dropped considerably and in this edition you even have to pay for some concerts, the Fair has historically been a great stage to attend high-quality performances There is a desire for Feria de Málaga, especially after the pandemic and the city is eagerly waiting to meet again with its … Read more

Ally Lotti, Juice Wrld’s girlfriend, breaks the silence for the 1st time!

Ally Lotti Juice Wrlds girlfriend breaks the silence for the

Ally Lotti spoke for the first time about the death of her boyfriend Juice Wrld at the Rolling Loud festival in Los Angeles. This Sunday, Juice Wrld should have performed on the Rolling Loud festival stage, but life decided otherwise… The 21-year-old rapper died last weekend of an overdose. As he was leaving the Chicago … Read more

Johnny Depp trial: Amber Heard breaks the silence in a shock interview and makes a serious accusation

Johnny Depp trial Amber Heard breaks the silence in a

Invited on the set of the Today Show, Amber Heard returned for the first time to her trial against Johnny Depp in an event interview. Amber Heard had still not spoken publicly since the end of the trial opposing her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. That’s done. Guest on The Today Show, the British actress looked back … Read more

Metallica’s “forgotten” guitarist breaks his silence: “Lars was desperate”

Every band has its beginnings and, in these, it is normal that there are members who leave the ship before time or are relegated to oblivion. And it is that, when a young Dane named Lars Ulrich arrived in California with a big dream and without a drum kit, he had to try a lot … Read more