Astrology: The nastiest horoscope sign is…find out now if it’s yours!

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According to the opinions of astrology experts, here is the zodiac sign that would be the most evil! Don’t play tough with its natives! Being kind and generous is a quality very few possess. Some horoscope signs are naturally kind. While others, even though they try hard, fail to be noble and have a high … Read more

Irvine City Council and Live Nation sign agreement for concert venue in Great Park

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The Municipal Council approved an agreement with the concert promoter live nation for the design, construction and operation of a permanent outdoor amphitheater in a place that Irvine leaders describe as “the heart” of their Great Park. The site would replace the current temporary amphitheater in Five Point on the edge of the huge park … Read more

Warner Music does not sign a music expert as CEO, but on YouTube

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Robert Kyncl, the outgoing chief commercial officer of YouTube, will be the next CEO of Warner Music, as published Wall Street Journal This Wednesday, September 21. The hiring of a new technology expert like Kyncl to replace Steve Cooper, who is leaving in 2023, demonstrates Warner Music’s intentions to expand its business in the social … Read more

Elodia Mottot, sign language concert translator

Elodia Mottot sign language concert translator

In a rehearsal room in downtown Nantes, Elodia has been training for several hours. In a loop, she repeats the same gestures for the concert that awaits her the same evening. When we arrive, Elodia, in a black outfit, is in front of the mirror and continues the movements: “I make myself small, I look … Read more