PHOTOS – Like Shakira, these stars have settled their accounts in music! – Gala

PHOTOS – Like Shakira these stars have settled their accounts

You all know Lady Diana’s “revenge dress”. Know that his equal exists… in music! For many decades now, artists have put their breakups, friendly disappointments and other conflicts at the service of their careers. And very often, these “revenge songs” are a hit. This Thursday, February 2, 2023, Shakira and her ex-spouse Gérard Piqué are … Read more

How Alain Aspect’s experiment settled the Einstein-Bohr debate: episode 4/4 of the Quantum Physics podcast: the groundbreaking work of Alain Aspect, Nobel Prize in Physics, explained

New biography Elton John flamboyant and eccentric

In May 1935, Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen published in the Physical Review a crucial article. They claim to demonstrate that quantum physics hides things from us. That it does not tell everything about the physical world, so it is incomplete. As soon as he learns of it, Niels Bohr decides to take up arms to … Read more

Star Academy: what becomes of Matthieu Gonet, the ex-prof who settled in Bordeaux?

Star Academy what becomes of Matthieu Gonet the ex prof who

“We wanted something else. Paris no longer spoke to us. Bordeaux imposed itself on us. Cauderan in particular is wooded and pleasant. We could never have settled in the Chartrons, an overly lively district. My parents live in La Rochelle. I come here since childhood. When the train passes Angoulême, I know I’m going home. … Read more