Classical music: settling scores and cacophony at Sinfonia, in the Dordogne

1675325577 Classical music settling scores and cacophony at Sinfonia in the

This modification ratified in the general assembly (GA), Monday, January 30, confirms the new trajectory of this structure which, in the past, had programmed other events: radio-hook of the Truffle, Macadam jazz and Salon du livre gourmand. But in 2020, the new municipal majority of Delphine Labails had chosen to abolish the first, to entrust … Read more

Have social networks become the main tool for settling scores?

The triumph of Franglais on the radio

This week, one of Instagram’s most divisive users made a comeback on the app: Kanye West, who today can be defined as a man of social networks because unfortunately the talented rapper has turned into a disastrous influencer. After two months without a single message, he made his comeback on Insta where he still has … Read more

The story of the saxophonist who hoaxed the KGB using her scores as code

It’s a pretty amazing story. What does Wired say. That of Merryl Goldberg and three of his comrades from the Boston Klezmer Conservatory Band, leaving for Moscow in 1985 with, in their suitcases, their instruments, their accessories and sheet music. To a simpleton’s eye, these were just the classic written transcriptions of jazz or klezmer … Read more

Results of the 2022 legislative elections: what are the scores of the candidates convicted or questioned by the courts?

Qualified despite legal troubles. While the electoral campaign for the legislative elections has brought out the drawers of the disputes with the justice of the candidates, some obtained enough votes in the first round, Sunday June 12, to climb to the second. Others, on the contrary, were shunned at the polls. Franceinfo summarizes their results … Read more