La Isleta Factory hosts the premiere concerts of the bands Atacama and The Conqueror Project and the tributes to Iron Maiden and Jazz among friends

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La Isleta Factory hosts two premiere concerts of the bands atacama Y The Conqueror Project in addition to holding a tribute concert to Iron Maiden Y Jazz among friends with I Funk Blues Quartet and his subsequent Underground Jam Session on a journey through musical styles that range from Latin American songs to funk through … Read more

The project that will unite Rosalía, Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish

They throw Versace glasses at Rosalia and the gesture goes

Does anyone imagine that one day five of the biggest international stars such as Rosalia, Bruno Mars, Shawn Mendes, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish? Well, that is exactly what the Grammys have achieved, which has brought together these 5 world tops to promote musical culture among the youngest in the United States through its foundation … Read more

Health – Future nursing home: we are still giving ourselves a little time, in Cosne, as part of the new hospital project

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What emerged from the meetings of the strategic committees and elected officials, last Thursday and Friday, concerning the project to build the new hospital in Cosne, will be the subject of a press conference this Wednesday, October 12. The leaders of the Territorial Hospital Group, the Regional Health Agency, the CH of Cosne and the … Read more

Future A69 motorway between Castres and Toulouse: new action by opponents of the project this Saturday

Future A69 motorway between Castres and Toulouse new action by

Opponents of the A69 motorway project between Toulouse and Castres are keeping up the pressure. The collective “the way is free” called this Saturday for a new action on the site of the archaeological excavations in Soual. 80 people took part. This Saturday is a new day of action for opponents of the A69 motorway … Read more

“Festiv’Adèle”, a bold project

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Resolutely committed to promoting the power to act of each person she accompanies, the Adele de Glaubitz association does things on a grand scale by organizing the FESTIV’ADELE throughout the month of October, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. Dedicated to Alsatians from all walks of life, to people welcomed in establishments, parents, families, … Read more

Cotentin. A 19.3 million euro project: the future aquatic center of Valognes is taking shape

Cotentin A 193 million euro project the future aquatic center

By Jean-Philippe Massieu Published on 27 Sep 22 at 13:33 The Channel Press See my news Follow this media The elected officials made a progress report this Monday on the construction site of the future aquatic center. (©Jean-Philippe MASSIEU/La Presse de la Manche) The bathing suit was not yet adequate this Monday, September 26, 2022, … Read more

EPICA The band announces the release of the EP “The Alchemy Project”

EPICA The band announces the release of the EP The

© Nicolas Blond | HARD FORCE Always moving forward, always aiming higher… During its 20 years of existence, EPICA never backed down from challenges, twists and turns, weathering all storms and pushing his symphonic metal to heights no one dared believe. Since 2002, the band fronted by Simone Simons and partner Mark Jansen … Read more

Project Eagles Work Out 2 players release ‘limited’ injury report – Noufelle FR

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ads Getty The Eagles brought in former Miami Dolphin Keaton Sutherland for practice on September 15, 2022. The Philadelphia Eagles entered Week 1 with a clean injury report. They ended up losing Derek Barnett in Game 1, but everyone else seemed to come out on top. Credit a light training camp to keep them healthy. … Read more

Slipknot: Corey Taylor and Jim Root plan to launch a new side project

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The singer Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root, both members of Slipknottalked about starting a new project together. In addition to their roles in The Giant Nude Metalthe two men also starred together in Stone Souruntil Root was ousted from that group in 2014. Having since managed to co-exist within Slipknot and reconcile, Taylor recently … Read more

HONFLEUR. Start of development work on the Mora site: “this project will be a success”

HONFLEUR Start of development work on the Mora site this

By Delphine Revol Published on 5 Sep 22 at 16:48 The Pays d’Auge See my news Follow this media Olivier Pagezy, president of Mora. ©© IDF Investments and Territories Meeting with Olivier Pagezypresident of the association Morewhich protects the La Mora worksite-show project in Honfleur (Calvados), with the aim of reconstructing William the Conqueror’s boat. … Read more