Interview. Toulouse. Singer Foé: “In the 80s, maybe it would have worked better for me!”

Interview Toulouse Singer Foe In the 80s maybe it would

By Gabriel Kenedi Published on 10 Oct 22 at 20:02 Toulouse News See my news Follow this media The Toulouse singer Foé is releasing a new album entitled “Paradise d’Or”. (©Lise Cleo) four years later the release of a first disc which had been hailed by criticsthe young singer Foe – with a deep and … Read more

THE DESIGNS Interview Snovonne “Sno” Drake & Billy T. Cooper

THE DESIGNS Interview Snovonne Sno Drake Billy T Cooper

© The Designs – DR THE DESIGNS is the new project of Billy T Cooper ex-JTR SICKERT and Snovonne ”Sno” Drake. The duo combine electronic elements with their metal but remain eclectic and sometimes experimental. In fact, the music is perfectly crafted to deliver the desired musical experience to the listener, as … Read more

Interview with Taboo, one of the components of ‘Black Eyed Peas’: “It would be a dream for us to collaborate with Rosalía and Bad Bunny”

Saint Galmier Coralie Dupre is the new Miss Loire

We spoke with the Black Eyed Peas member about the great moment in Latin music and he assures us that he would love to collaborate with Rosalía The song ‘Don’t you worry’, in which they collaborate with Shakira and David Guetta, is the first preview of the group’s next album It seemed not, but in … Read more

INTERVIEW | Triana Ramos, Rosalía’s ‘mirobrigense’ choreographer: “Working with her is very enriching”

Michael Jordan le maillot qui valait 10 millions

Triana Ramos has dance in her blood. When she was only four years old, her mother Carmen de Ella, a dancer by profession, introduced her to flamenco. Little by little, she perfected her art and her movements until she worked with artists of the stature of David Bisbal or Rosalía, of whom she only has … Read more

INTERVIEW – Christophe Willem with an open heart: “Notoriety isolates a lot” – Gala

INTERVIEW – Christophe Willem with an open heart Notoriety isolates

Christopher Willem made a remarkable comeback before the summer with the tube PS: i love you. The title written by Slimane has found a place on the airwaves and in the playlists of thousands of people, so much so that his album Panorama made a triumphant entry into the top 10. Five years later business … Read more

Interview with Sheila García, director of Rock Circus: “It’s going to be an extreme circus” – Rock Culture

Interview with Sheila Garcia director of Rock Circus Its going

On the occasion of the premiere of Rock Circus, the rock circus, we chatted with its artistic director Sheila García. Sheila, thanks for spending some time talking to Rock Culture, first of all, how are the preparations going? Hello, everything is going very well, thanks to you. Let’s move on to the questions that there … Read more

The interview of Marie-Agnès Gillot by Nikos Aliagas: “It is in the fall that I take my momentum” – Gala

efemerides de hoy que paso un 25 de septiembre

How to photograph a dance legend? Each time I find Marie-Agnès in my lens, I let her guide me… In her part of shadow and light. If she agreed to be a juror in DALS, it is because her mother, who died in 2020, really liked the show… He is a being apart: sometimes a … Read more

Interview: Kieron L. Dyer on Guns N’ Roses & Thor: Love and Thunder | Pretty Reel

efemerides de hoy que paso un 25 de septiembre

ComingSoon editor Spencer Legacy spoke with Kieron L. Dyer about his role as Heimdall’s son Axl in Thor: Love and Thunder. Dyer opened up about his work with Chris Hemsworth and his fondness for Guns N’ Roses. The film is now available on digital and is released on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD on September 27. … Read more

Eminem claims that 50 Cent saved him in an interview, where he was drugged

Eminem claims that 50 Cent saved him in an interview

Eminem is telling many things about his past, which are even drawing the attention of many people because of how much the artist is opening up about his private life. The rapper spent several years, taking prescription pills combined with alcohol, to cope with all the hustle and bustle he had in his life. He … Read more