PHOTOS – Like Shakira, these stars have settled their accounts in music! – Gala

PHOTOS – Like Shakira these stars have settled their accounts

You all know Lady Diana’s “revenge dress”. Know that his equal exists… in music! For many decades now, artists have put their breakups, friendly disappointments and other conflicts at the service of their careers. And very often, these “revenge songs” are a hit. This Thursday, February 2, 2023, Shakira and her ex-spouse Gérard Piqué are … Read more

Snoop Dogg’s associate joins Gala Music’s board of directors

Snoop Doggs associate joins Gala Musics board of directors

Death Row Records is getting closer to the blockchain Snoop has been a fan of cryptocurrencies for a decade now Snoop acquired the label which helped his music career In February, when rapper Snoop Dogg bought Death Row Records, the legendary hip-hop artist said he would turn Death Row into a blockchain-backed non-fungible token (NFT) … Read more

Julie Zenatti, ex of Patrick Fiori: this rare confidence about their idyll – Gala

Julie Zenatti ex of Patrick Fiori this rare confidence about

After they met backstage at the musical Notre Dame of Paris, the idyll between Julie Zenatti and Patrick Fiori had caused a lot of still to flow. If since then, everyone has rebuilt their life, the singer has agreed to briefly return to this love story in the columns of Closer. In 1998, two years … Read more

Camilla Parker Bowles soon to be crowned: why Prince Philip did not have this honor – Gala

Camilla Parker Bowles soon to be crowned why Prince Philip

Camilla Parker Bowles will be crowned queen consort alongside Charles III. An honorary title that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh did not receive. A peculiarity which can be explained with regard to the law of accession to the throne of the United Kingdom, specifies sky news this Wednesday, October 12. The wives of the kings … Read more

Whitney Houston: this American actor who fell for her – Gala

Les Appearances France 2 Benjamain Biolay For me who voluntarily

This Monday, July 25, TF1 Séries Films is broadcasting the documentary The Shattered Destiny of Whitney Houston: The Fall of a Star. During her career, the singer has had no shortage of suitors. In a television interview in 1990, the star of Bodyguard revealed that actor Robert de Niro had a crush on her. Impossible … Read more

VIDEO – Michèle Laroque bad singer? This criticism formulated by Jean-Jacques Goldman! – Gala

New biography Elton John flamboyant and eccentric

guest in Telematin, this Monday, October 10, Michèle Laroque made a funny confidence about the remark made to her by Jean-Jacques Goldman on her talents as a singer. Michèle Laroque knows how to do it “with goods, sheep, but also with pianos”… and a little less with the voice. singer in the Motherfuckers, the 62-year-old … Read more

PHOTO – Valérie Pécresse in heaven: her “magic moment” with a famous singer! – Gala

PHOTO – Valerie Pecresse in heaven her magic moment with

A real groupie. This Thursday, October 6, Valérie Pécresse attended the concert of the singer Raphaël, during the inauguration of the dome of the Lycée Henry IV. A musical parenthesis that the politician took care to share with her many subscribers to her Instagram account. Music soothes the soul. Referred by a preliminary investigation for … Read more

Claude François: this day when he recognized the daughter of his ex-wife and Gilbert Bécaud – Gala

Michael Jordan le maillot qui valait 10 millions

Hurt to see his only wife Janet Woollacott leave in the arms of Gilbert Bécaud, Claude François made the latter his main rival. A few years later, he got his revenge by naming the dancer and singer’s daughter after him, as revealed in the documentary Secret Archivesbroadcast this Friday, September 9 on France 3. Eye … Read more

Lady Diana: the terrible fear of Elton John during his funeral – Gala

Lady Diana the terrible fear of Elton John during his

On September 6, 1992, Elton John bid farewell to Lady Diana in song. At Westminster Abbey, where he finds Princes William and Harry, he reveals an unpublished version of his title Candle in the Wind. In his biography Me Elton Johnhe confides in the fear that awaited him that day. It was 25 years ago. … Read more

INTERVIEW – Christophe Willem with an open heart: “Notoriety isolates a lot” – Gala

INTERVIEW – Christophe Willem with an open heart Notoriety isolates

Christopher Willem made a remarkable comeback before the summer with the tube PS: i love you. The title written by Slimane has found a place on the airwaves and in the playlists of thousands of people, so much so that his album Panorama made a triumphant entry into the top 10. Five years later business … Read more