Gims: his career is collapsing, each title is a flop shows Booba

1675303846 Gims his career is collapsing each title is a flop

Gims is still ridiculed by Booba! This summer the tension had seriously increased between Booba and Gims with several virulent exchanges between them but the animosity then subsided a little until the publication of the last opus of Meugui. B2O took a close look sexion d’assaut member sales for fun. More than a month after … Read more

Anggun “sad” and “more than disappointed” after her flop at Eurovision: “I felt a void”

Anggun sad and more than disappointed after her flop at

Anggun “more than disappointed” after her flop at Eurovision: “I felt a void” (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images ) This year, Anggun is launching a new challenge on the floor of “Dancing with the stars”. A real challenge for the singer who knows the scene well. In several years of career, … Read more

Jack Lang: “The Fête de la Musique was the biggest stage fright of my life, it could have been a big flop”

The annual event celebrates June 21, its forty years of existence. Jack Lang, former Minister of Culture, talks about the creation of this festival and its success outside the borders. “People were told go ahead, get out, make the music in the streets your own, but we feared they would stay holed up in their … Read more

Cyprien remembers his flop with Mister V: “I didn’t want to taint my friends with that”

Invited by Zack Nani in Freewheeling ZackCyprien returned to the era of his YouTube podcasts, and in particular his first flop. Come on, let’s go back ten years. At the time, Cyprien was one of, if not the, biggest YouTuber in France. The videographer connects the podcasts: “Le Café”, “The Walking Dead”, or “Les Bosses”. … Read more

NBA – Eminem’s big flop with Michael Jordan that he hasn’t forgotten

NBA – Eminems big flop with Michael Jordan that he

Complex (DR) / ABC News (DR) Eminem is one of the most popular rappers in history, but in front of Michael Jordan he is just a man like the others. The Detroit legend just told a crazy story about MJ, and how he was terrified. As the famous American proverb goes: “Game Recognizes Game”. What … Read more