Michou and Inoxtag fight against the fighter GregMMA and fall KO! (Video)

1675104823 Michou and Inoxtag fight against the fighter GregMMA and fall

Youtubers Inoxtag and Michou are embarking on new challenges! They decided to face former fighter GregMMA! To amuse their subscribers, Michou and Inoxtag continue to reinvent themselves. They have just decided to face the fighter GregMMA! A moment full of laughter… and defeats! A slack for Michou? Lately, Michou is developing in all possible activities. … Read more

Scooter Braun regrets his fight with Taylor Swift after selling his teachers – Home

Rosalia turns 30 these are the ten songs that have

In 2019, music manager Scooter Braun purchased the rights from Taylor Swift’s masters to her first six albums. The deal, reportedly worth more than $300 million, led to a public feud between Swift and Braun that ultimately resulted in Swift resolving to re-record her first six albums. In hindsight, Braun wishes it had happened differently. … Read more

The truth about Justin Bieber and Eminem’s fight

The truth about Justin Bieber and Eminems fight

When Justin Bieberthe “All That Matters” singer, performed in Detroit in 2013, paid tribute to the rapper with his rendition of “Lose Yourself” by Eminemaccording to him Daily Mail. Unfortunately, Biebs messed up the first line, but managed to nail the rest of the lyrics. Related news Rapping the revered track became something of a … Read more

Taylor Swift and Damon Albarn: Robbie Williams joins the fight between the singers

Saint Galmier Coralie Dupre is the new Miss Loire

If the fans had the hope that one day the English singer Robert Williams collaborate with the band Gorillazor at least with its vocalist Damon Albarnit seems that this duet will never be performed, after the singer of “Feel” spoke out against his compatriot Albarn, who in the past attacked Taylor Swift by pointing out … Read more

ALOK: “Love is the compass I use to fight for a fairer society”

Daru Jones Jack White values ​​his musicians

Absolutely. We exist in a society that divides clothing into “men’s clothing” and “women’s clothing” and takes it for granted, even though it’s a political choice. Anyone – any body – can wear a skirt or a dress. Fashion advertising has led us to believe that there is only one limited way to look and … Read more

MIRROR Accident: Mo’s girlfriend and her fight over the dancer case

The terrible MIRROR concert accident, which occurred on July 28 in Hong Kong, put the eyes of the world on the dancer Ah Mo (27). Public attention was also drawn to So Ching (26), girlfriend of the principal affected by the fall of a giant screen in full performance of the singing-pop group. Two weeks … Read more

Taylor Swift plans to fight the complaint filed against her: “I write my own songs”

Disorder and chaos at the Metallica concert in Chile poor

Taylor Swift defends herself and says that she is the only material author of the lyrics of her hit song ‘Shake it off’ 2014, in response to the denounces that the girl band 3LW has putassuring that he has plagiarized the lyrics of his song “Playas Gon’ Play”. “The lyrics of Shake it off were … Read more

United States: the fight continues for the pro-right to abortion, “memorable day” for the anti

United States the fight continues for the pro right to abortion

Demonstration in favor of abortion, on June 24, 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts (United States) (AFP / Joseph Prezioso) The American conservative right warmly welcomed on Friday the Supreme Court’s judgment which “throws into the dustbin of History” the right to abortion, while the left and several organizations have on the contrary promised to continue to … Read more