The Opéra national du Rhin, faced with financial difficulties, reduces its programming

1674759055 The Opera national du Rhin faced with financial difficulties reduces

A performance of “The Tale of Tsar Saltane”, by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, at the royal theater of the Monnaie in Brussels (Belgium), June 9, 2019. MONIKA FORSTER Faced with an increase in its expenses accompanied by a reduction in budgetary allocations, the Opéra national du Rhin (ONR) has decided to modify the current season at the … Read more

Paid votes at the NRJ Music Awards: Faced with the controversy, NRJ gives up premium SMS

Paid votes at the NRJ Music Awards Faced with the

Move along, there is nothing left to see ! After a start of controversy, NRJ is backtracking. Monday October 10, the first music station in France unveiled the list of nominees for the 24th edition of the “NRJ Music Awards” which will take place on Friday November 18 at 9:10 p.m., live from the Palais … Read more

Faced with sexual violence, festivals set up brigades

The flag of the scandal of the Macedonian singer

It was news that rocked metal festival attendees: In 2019, a young woman took to social media after being raped at Hellfest, seeking information about her attacker. For those who visit festivals and concerts, acts of sexist and sexual violence are common. From hands to buttocks during a crowd movement, inappropriate gestures under the excuse … Read more

Recruitment of teachers: faced with the shortage, job dating makes people cringe

The policy of recruiting contract workers or temporary workers from the National Education system is not new, but it has taken a new turn with the organization of “jobs dating” in certain loss-making academies. It’s an almost banal story: a French teacher absent for several months without a substitute, an institution that lets first-year students … Read more

Jacques Dutronc: faced with a tragic end, what he said to Françoise Hardy at the end of her suffering life

Françoise Hardy has been in a critical state of health for several years now. Her illness has made her quite fragile, to the point that she made shocking announcements. Some of his confidences on the topic have also turned the fans of the singer upside down. What would be his wishes at the end of … Read more

Legislative 2022: faced with the legal troubles of their candidates, parties in embarrassment or indifference

At each election, the question comes up: can you be a candidate despite legal problems? The laws are no exception to the rule. Latest illustration to date, the case of Taha Bouhafs, invested by La France insoumise in Venissieux (Rhône) before being finally ousted. This controversial journalist was sentenced in the fall of 2021 to … Read more

Faced with war, the torments of a Viennese group of Russian folklore

Can we continue to surf on Soviet nostalgia since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and call ourselves Russkaja, wonders the popular group created in Vienna 17 years ago. Can we continue to surf on Soviet nostalgia since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and call ourselves Russkaja? This is the thorny question posed by a popular … Read more