Criminal Minds season 16: Reid absent and dead in the reboot? The designer calms everyone down

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Criminal minds back (almost) as before On February 19, 2020, CBS broadcast the last episode of Criminal minds at the end of its season 15. Well, that’s what we thought at the time. Only one year after this conclusion, Paramount + decided to relaunch the series and it is therefore on November 24, 2022 that … Read more

Criminal Minds: Protagonist Not Returning To Paramount+ Reboot For Another Role

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The return of Criminal Minds is officially back on Paramount + and its fans do not stop feeding rumors about everything related to the long-awaited reboot of one of the most famous police series. But despite all the characters that will reprise their role, there is someone who seems to be very far away. October … Read more

BAU agents can finally swear in season 16 of Criminal Minds | Pretty Reel

BAU agents can finally swear in season 16 of Criminal

Criminal Minds: Evolution will add more swear words to the BAU’s vocabulary, giving the highly anticipated Paramount+ reboot a “more authentic” tone. Criminal Minds: Evolution will include more “inappropriate” language than the original series. Created by writer and producer Jeff Davis, Criminal Minds debuted in 2005 on CBS. The procedural crime drama, which followed agents … Read more

Criminal Minds: Why Agent Aaron Hotchner Deserved a Better Series Ending

Criminal Minds Why Agent Aaron Hotchner Deserved a Better Series

In the wake of Thomas Gibson’s departure from Criminal Minds after long stretches, the question remains the same for all fans: Did Aaron Hotchner deserve better? December 31, 2021 3:17 p.m. For 12 seasons, the intrepid agents of the Behavioral Analysis Unit in Criminal Minds were led by the cool and cool agent Aaron “Hotch” … Read more

Cult Character: Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds) – Critictoo TV Series

Cult Character Spencer Reid Criminal Minds Critictoo TV Series

If I tell you, holder of three doctorates (Mathematics, Chemistry and Engineering), mid-twenties, shoulder-length hair, perpetually in a shirt with a vest (with or without sleeves depending on the season), and with a watch tight on his wrist without ever touching his skin. And if I tell you that he is self-taught, very unsociable and … Read more

Criminal Minds: How the CBS drama ended up affecting the lives of some fans

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Criminal Minds was one of the most prestigious police dramas on television. Running for 15 seasons on CBS, the series that followed an elite team of FBI criminal profilers has wormed its way into the hearts of fans and in some ways affected some. October 09, 2022 02:27 a.m. Criminal Mindsthe criminal profiler series that … Read more

¿Por qué el actor Mandy Patinkin dejó repentinamente la serie Criminal Minds?

Por que el actor Mandy Patinkin dejo repentinamente la serie

Los asesinos en serie están proliferando en la televisión y en las plataformas de streaming, sus historias cada vez más llaman la atención del público. Una de las visionarias del género policial –enfocada en mentes perversas, abusadores y asesinos seriales– fue Criminal Minds, también conocida como Mentes Criminales.  Tal fue el impacto que generó que … Read more

Criminal Minds: The unforgettable toxic relationship between Dr. Spencer Reid and Cat Adams

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Cat Adams, played by Aubrey Plaza came to Criminal Minds for a few episodes to torment the much loved Dr. Spencer Reid, played by Matthew Gray Gubler, the relationship was magnetic but filled with such intensity that it ended up being uncomfortable for some fans. July 26, 2022 09:59 a.m. Criminal Mindsthe successful police drama … Read more

Criminal Minds: Confirmed the return of one of the most important actors in the drama

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After confirming the return of Criminal Minds with a new season by the Paramount + television network, it has also been revealed that not all cast members will return. However, one of the most popular and beloved stars will be there. July 24, 2022 7:06 p.m. Criminal Minds which began broadcasting in 2005 on the … Read more