The Alhambra Beer Garden continues its concert offer with the performance of El Jose

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The Alhambra Beer Garden opened its doors in the heart of Granada on Thursday September 29 in a unique urban location that aims to become, until October 23, at the perfect meeting point to enjoy a leisurely beer afternoon. The location chosen to house this space is the Gomerez Gardenlocated on the slope of the … Read more

The Port will be filled with hundreds of Harleys: three days of concerts and beer

Eurockeennes de Belfort the festival will not resume on Friday

The Plaza del Castillo de San Marcos in El Puerto will host this weekend Harley Davison fans and riders from different parts of Spain, who have chosen our city as a meeting point within their 2022 annual agenda, which is coming and going by different places of the national geography. This is the IV Harley … Read more

Tapa and Beer Route in Seville: 37 bars, concerts and surprises for the customer

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In the month of beer par excellence, when the most international festival of this drink is celebrated, the Oktoberfest, Beers Alhambra proposes in Seville a Tapa Route that will not go unnoticed. 37 bars, breweries and restaurants in Seville will pay tribute from this Monday, September 19, until October 2, to that which is so … Read more

Rendez-vous – Liberation Day, Saint-Leu, beer, concerts, shows… What to do this weekend in Nièvre?

Yellow Stones Concert, friday september 2 at 9 p.m., Port de la Jonction. In Guerigny Blues concert by the Texan group Neal Black and the Healers organized by Chat Musique, Sunday September 4 at 5.30 p.m., Forges Royales theatre. To Luzy poetic concert, The Book of Our Edgereading accompanied by an instrumentalist, friday september 2 … Read more