The five concerts of ‘Microsonidos’ recommended by music critic Alberto Frutos

1675282471 The five concerts of Microsonidos recommended by music critic Alberto

Rufus T. Firefly, one of the bands that participate in ‘Microsounds’, in a file image. The festival starts this Friday and will last until April 7; will offer 40 nights of music with fifty bands of various styles in the Region of Murcia Next Friday, February 3, and until April 7, the sixteenth edition of … Read more

Alberto del Campo | anthropologist “Today’s football will give you good artists but no Picasso”

Rosalia turns 30 these are the ten songs that have

THE MIRROR OF THE WORLD IS GREEN. Anthropologist and author of twenty books, Albert of the Field (Seville, 1971) ended many of his talks talking about football. Not only because he likes it, but because he has lived it in blood: he was a professional player until an injury took him away. All this has … Read more

Alberto, the little piano virtuoso who puts Italy in tune

Dn Tolentino, a peaceful town in the Marche region, Napoleonic history buffs will not fail to recall the famous treaty signed here in 1797 by the young general of the Italian Campaign. A document which then recorded the organized confiscation of works of art from the Papal States, then sent to France to fill the … Read more

Summit of the Americas: a drag queen dressed as Evita sang to Alberto Fernández and urged him “not to give in to the IMF”

Summit of the Americas a drag queen dressed as Evita

Video Drag Queens with Alberto Fernández at the Summit of the Americas A quintet of drag queens, dressed as the iconic American Marilyn Monroe and Argentina’s Eva Perón, asked a giant version of the heads of state to stop the ecological crisis in the Americas. The striking performance took place during the morning of this … Read more