PHOTOS – Like Shakira, these stars have settled their accounts in music! – Gala

PHOTOS – Like Shakira these stars have settled their accounts

You all know Lady Diana’s “revenge dress”. Know that his equal exists… in music! For many decades now, artists have put their breakups, friendly disappointments and other conflicts at the service of their careers. And very often, these “revenge songs” are a hit. This Thursday, February 2, 2023, Shakira and her ex-spouse Gérard Piqué are … Read more

Kanye West: Instagram and Twitter restrict rapper’s accounts after posts deemed anti-Semitic

The Zamora Jazz Cave begins its concert season to fill

A Twitter spokeswoman told AFP on Sunday that her account had been locked due to a violation of the social network’s rules. And a spokeswoman for Meta, Instagram’s parent company, said the group deleted content – without specifying which content – from Ye’s account for violating its policies. Instagram has also restricted his account, which … Read more

The Twitter accounts with the most followers in 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

The triumph of Franglais on the radio

Do you know which Twitter accounts have the most followers? As you might imagine, this is a group that includes celebrities (from various fields) and political figures. But which ones, exactly? You will be interested: Note: This list only reflects the 10 most followed active Twitter accounts. We do not include suspended … Read more