Zendaya: The Spider-Man actress surprises the web with this magnificent leather outfit!

Zendaya is one of the hottest stars right now. Is there a collaboration between the star and this Italian brand?

The trend was born from the new creations of different designers. This is also the case for outfits worn by influencers and celebrities.

Moreover, it is the latter who are the references when it comes to fashion. Take Zendaya as an example. Lately, the superstar hasn’t stopped talking about her on the web!

Zendaya: This outfit that turned the web upside down

A nothing can be the object of a buzz on social networks. It is not less for the outfits. This is surely the effect of most of Zendaya’s publications on social networks. Apparently, the star surprised her followers again with this photo she just shared on Instagram. This time, she opted for a leather ensemble. Always so pretty, the young woman chose red orange as her color.

The least we can say is that Zendaya is still as feminine as ever. Apparently, the form-fitting outfit she wore has already been seen on Milan runways. It was during the Ferragamo show for the spring-summer 2023 season. Note that the look was unveiled less than 2 weeks ago. Obviously, this is what aroused the curiosity of Internet users. Is the young star planning a possible collaboration with the Italian fashion house?

After Zendaya’s post, comments went wild on social media. Without forgetting the Louboutin stiletto pumps to the famous red soles she wore. These have only further sublimated the fashion piece of the Ferragamo brand. Certainly, this image could have a great effect on the future of the fashion house.

Zendaya is indeed considered a fashion icon. The star has been influencing young people of her generation a lot lately. Remember that apart from this leather set from Ferragamo, the actress has always stood out with her outfits. Moreover, many are the fans who have already copied her very trendy looks as each other.

A collaboration with the Italian fashion house?

Like every year, celebrities participate in different parties where they reveal their best outfits. they will have to cross the passage through the fans who came to see them. Obviously, the flashes of the photographers who sparkle are always there. Thus, it is the outfits seen during these events that will then become the tendency. Such is the case for Zendaya’s outfit.

During the last Paris Fashion Week, Bella Hadid chose to wear a sublime Coperni dress. For Zendaya, all eyes have been on her since she received an award at the 2022 Emmy Awards. Indeed, the young woman won the title of best actress with her role in the HBO series. In the latter, she plays Rue, a young drug addict girl. The star also made a name for herself in her participation in Euphoria.

At the Emmy awards show, Zendaya was styled by Valentino. Of course, it is once again a creation of the Italian fashion house for the actress. Moreover, on Sunday October 2, she attended the Valentino spring-summer 2023 fashion show. An opportunity for the star to meet the famous Pierpaolo Piccioli, the genius and artistic director of the brand.

Apparently it’s at Pierpaolo Piccioli that we owe the pink hue, the currently trendy color. Anyway, Zendaya does not have to regret her presence at the parade. Indeed, 91 different outfits were presented on the podium. The shade varied between immaculate white, beige, forest green, purple or even black. For its next collection, the house of Valentino will revolve around the holidays.

Zendaya: Always on top of the trend

If Zendaya attended Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Spring-Summer show, it’s because there’s a reason. Indeed, the stylist is one of the greatest fashion designers today. During the event, his collection is mainly based on unstructured shirts and loose suits. Apparently, the director of the Italian brand was inspired by the tailoring to create these.

Definitely, Zendaya is not yet ready to say her last word when it comes to fashion. Leaving her tight orange outfit, the actress stood out once again. This time, she wore a sequin jumpsuit from Valentino. A look that simultaneously mixes the trend logomania and the catsuit. Obviously another big hit with his fans for the young star.

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Zendaya: The Spider-Man actress surprises the web with this magnificent leather outfit!

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