Zeinab Alé, an example of a National Normal Teacher

It marked furrows in Neuquén education in the second half of the 20th century. On April 28, 2022, Zeinab passed away, remembered by her family and her companions as Porota.

She was the daughter of Aiub Alé and Rosalía Zúñiga, and was born on January 19, 1931 in Chos Malal. Mr. Aiub Alé was of Syrian-Lebanese origin and had a general business in the aforementioned city.
Rosalia and Aiub had prolific offspring: Zeinab had ten siblings.

She received her National Teacher Training degree at the Bernardino Rivadavia de Azul Mixed Normal School in 1951.

Let us remember that the national territories still did not have secondary schools: it was not until the 1940s that the first Commercial Experts graduated, while the Teaching career was established in the 1950s.

His task in pursuit of Neuquén education was transcendent.
She worked as a tutor at the Provincial School of Fine Arts, when the remembered and famous sculptor Don Emilio Saraco was director, it was the ’60s.

In 1967 she was appointed General Technical Inspector of Primary Education, an appointment signed by the prestigious teachers of the Education Council Teresa Arriaga de Valero and Blanca Carolina Pozzo A. de Tirachini, the latter, in addition, was the Auditor General Director of Education.

In 1969, Porota replaced Teresa Arriaga in her position. In the task of general technical inspector of primary schools, appointed in 1967, she continued in the 1970s. She shared work with people remembered from Neuquén education such as Mr. Carlos Hilario Esteves, among others.
In 1974 she was appointed General Director of Primary Education.

On behalf of the Provincial Council of Education, he attended the Science and Technology Fair at the primary level in the Federal Capital, organized by the Superior Council and the Executive Commission of Scientific Activities of Culture and Education of the Nation.

In addition, she was a teacher of the Application Department in 1981.
In his vast curriculum there are several courses for teaching improvement, “Educational Conduct”, among others.

We can appreciate in his file, kept in the Archive of the Provincial Council of Education, -an extremely important institution when it comes to unraveling the work of great teachers and professors, hence my fight for its preservation-, we can read his concept Outstanding, Excellent Driving , Knowledge of Standards, among many items that guarantee their performance.

She was director of school No. 56 Province of Río Negro, among many tasks. In 1984, a remembered teacher, Mr. Pedro Cantarutti, as director of the Provincial Council of Education, signed the resolution in which it was assigned to Artesanías Neuquinas Provincial State Society as a collaborator with the artisan work of the Neuquén Province.

She also worked at school No. 118 República de Italia, where she was a teacher and deputy director.
In the photo that accompanies this writing we can see her with her siblings, from left to right: Selman, Balkis, Zeinab, her brother-in-law José Giordano, María Esther, Abraham, Salma and Ahmad. She had retired in 1991. This is a summary of her vast career.
One of her nieces told us that until her last days she lived talking about teaching, and loved to visit rural schools in the interior of Neuquén and in the capital.

Already retired, she taught her great-nephews with so much love that it was a pleasure to listen to her.
Teaching, rectitude, commitment, respect for the student, all of this combined in a single person.
Today my simple tribute remembering when a few years ago I wanted to do an interview with him and he humbly told me: “Who is going to care?”

Boy do we care! Neuquén bids her farewell, as he was accompanied and benefited by his teachings and his human qualities.

All her classmates, all her students remember her with affection.

Beatriz Carolina Chavez


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Zeinab Alé, an example of a National Normal Teacher

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