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Yes, the title of this column is very “clickbait”, very World of stars. But it’s for a great cause. You Must Watch Survival Horror Thriller Yellowjacketsin which Quebec actress Sophie Nélisse landed one of the main roles alongside Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis, two icons of the 90s.

Posted Nov 17, 2021

It is gory, brilliant, intriguing, creepy, frightening and full of mysteries to be solved. In fact, Yellowjackets is strongly inspired by Lost and movies alive and Midsommar. Separated, the ingredients of the series seem disparate and incompatible. Together, however, they form a winning recipe. Without blinking, I devoured the first three episodes out of a total of ten. It’s one of the best genre productions of the last few months, really.

The story of Yellowjacketswhose first episode aired Sunday on the deluxe Crave service, splits into two eras: 1996 and 2021. In 1996, an elite New Jersey soccer team — the Yellowjackets — hops on a private jet to Seattle, where the national junior championships will be played.

The young players, who are about to enter university, all embody a stereotype of 18-year-old teenager: the drug addict, the hyperachieving, the believer, the nerdthe cool, the rejection or the lesbian in the closet. Sophie Nélisse plays the passive-aggressive sportswoman, who was admitted to the prestigious Brown University.

Parenthesis: the soundtrack attached to the 1996 scenes is brilliant: Liz Phair, The Cranberries, Hole, Portishead and the Smashing Pumpkins, a nice way to relive the parties smoky at the time.

Nostalgia also goes through pagers, folders grungy in flannel and the phones in the shape of big red lips that the characters use.

Back to the main plot, the girls’ plane crashes in the woods in the middle of nowhere. This is where the nightmare begins. And it will last a very, very long time, lord.

yellow jackets See Sophie Nelisse in the series of


Christina Ricci portrays the character of Misty.

Because most members of the soccer team survive the crash. But no one finds them – you will understand why in the second episode – and the girls will spend 19 months in the forest, without contact with civilization. Add paranormal phenomena to this ordeal, which will further reduce their chances of survival.

Time jump to 2021, now. The survivors of 1996 no longer speak to each other and lead banal lives. One of them (Juliette Lewis) comes out of rehab, another is bored with her monotonous life as a housewife. All of them, however, swore, spat never to reveal what really happened in the woods during these 19 months of hell.

But when a former member of the Yellowjackets runs for the Senate, the group’s past resurfaces, and it’s ugly. Rumors of cannibalism rise to the surface, and the ex-high school girls receive mysterious postcards from someone who knows their darkest secrets.

The story of Yellowjackets Deftly waltzes between 1996 and 2021. In 1996, the series dabbled more in horror and gory stuff. Isolated and in survival mode, the girls descend into violence and the balance of power shifts.

In 2021, it’s more of a psychological drama, showing the aftermath of the severe trauma they all tried to bury. The performances of the teenage actresses mesh perfectly with those of their adult colleagues. The choice of actresses was made with great care.

Special mention to Christina Ricci, always amazing in the roles of eccentric, but strangely endearing women. The French version of Yellowjackets will be released this winter on Crave and Super Ecran.

New top 10 by Netflix

Are you curious to know which Netflix series or films are hitting in different countries? The American giant has launched a new website that provides very precise figures on the popularity of its catalog. In Canada, Narcos: Mexico (season 3) dominates the charts of the week, followed by Big Mouth (season 5), Maid, You (season 3) and Squid Game.

Netflix is ​​also releasing its top 10 worldwide and makes public the number of weekly viewing hours for each of its series. For example, between November 8 and November 14, the series Narcos generated 50,290,000 viewing hours, compared to 29,480,000 for maid. Netflix’s most popular movie remains bird box with 282,020,000 hours viewed within 28 days of its release.

In television, the Korean series Squid Game remains the most watched series – and by far – in the history of the service. Bridgerton ranks second. Money Heist finishes third.

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yellow jackets | See Sophie Nélisse in the series of the hour!

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