Yeison Jiménez revealed the millionaire she charges for a concert

Yeison Jiménez has managed to stand out and position herself among the most important popular music artists in Colombia and some other countries.

Without a doubt, his career continues to rise thanks to his successes – which are among the most listened to on digital platforms – and to the collaborations he has done with great artists of the musical genre.

He was also a guest on the show Caracol Television, The Voice Kids, as musical advisor to the members of Natalia Jiménez’s group. This has allowed the artist to value himself, being requested, increasingly, on platforms for the different cities of the country.

The artist, who began his career as a singer performing his songs on public transport, has come a long way and their rates have caught up with that, so today it is not a luxury that many can afford to bring the talented artist to present a musical show.

Precisely, a Tiktok user identified as @dillermendieta, characterized by uploading content from the world of entertainment, went viral with a video where he assures that Yeison Jiménez would be charging for each ‘show’, 80 million pesos per hour and a half of presentation, a figure that could rise to 120 million if it is extended for longer.

A concert with the popular artist is a sure success, thanks to its wide repertoire of musical themes such as ‘Adventurer’, ‘You were right’, ‘Blessed’, ‘Not my love anymore’, ‘El desmadre’, ‘Because envy’, ‘Maldita swallows’, among others.

In addition, it should be remembered that artists generally bear the costs of logistics, musicians and sound, so these earnings would not be net. Even though it was just speculation, Yeison Jiménez has not confirmed or denied said information, so the figure is an estimate.

For his part, in an interview with the youtuber ‘Dimelo King’, told several secrets of his musical career, which until now were unknown. For example, the singer uncovered the impressive number of events he does monthlyconfirming how ‘wanted’ it has become by clubs, businessmen and major events.

“I came to do 34 ‘shows’ a month and right now I do 25 or 26. I am the man who sells the most money and I am the one who charges the most among all the singers of my genre”, he pointed out.

In general, the singer, born in Manzanares (Caldas), receives a lot of support from his fanswho usually comment on each of the publications he makes.

Jiménez has been very honest with his audience and has mentioned on several occasions that he comes from below. His career was achieved at the point of sacrifice and, therefore, the luxuries that he acquires today are the reward of everything he has lived.

Each adversity has been a lesson for the singer, who now has millions of views on YouTube and millions of followers on his social networks. He was even part of the jury for the television format of the Snail Channel ‘My name is’, along with Amparó Grisales and César Escola.

It must be said that Jiménez has a horse farm called ‘La Cumbre’, located in Antioquia, and on several occasions he has emphasized the love and admiration he feels for these animals, being among his most luxurious acquisitions.

“Only those of us who love horses know the big difference between caring and mistreating. My proposal is a horseman’s license, just as we ranchers have it, and whoever attacks an animal is banned from all kinds of horsemanship activity in a legal and forceful way, “Yeison shared on her official Instagram profile.

This is how the interpreter of Adventurer has more than four million followers on Instagramwhere he actively uploads photos and videos.

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Yeison Jiménez revealed the millionaire she charges for a concert

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