WoW: This ex-adult actress reveals an unexpected secret from her MMO past!

While it is common knowledge that certain celebrities regularly roam the vast lands of Azeroth in World of Warcraft, it is always fun to discover new ones. And it was precisely during the Squad Cast of Full Squad Gaming that Adriana Chechik revealed that she had played long and hard at Blizzard’s MMORPG during her university years… For the sole purpose of farming!

Adriana Chechik, the unsuspected farmer of WoW

The news broke through a short snippet of a video interview Jake Lucky posted on Twitter: ex-actress and now streamer Adriana Chechik was for a long time a very avid World of Warcraft. The news isn’t all that exceptional considering the number of celebrities who have once stepped onto the virtual soil of Azeroth, however it’s the 31-year-old streamer’s in-game aspirations at the time that are for the less goofy.

Indeed, while for a certain segment of players performance is particularly important to evolve and have fun in World of Warcraft, Adriana Chechik did not see things that way. She explained this Thursday, January 12, 2023 that during her university years she had a boyfriend who spent his time meeting up with his real-life friends to play in what would easily be called “Lans” for hours at a time. World of Warcraft.

So as not to be ignored by the one she loved at the time, she therefore decided to lend herself to this little game too. But, like everyone else, she was particularly bad at the game during her first steps on the MMO. from Blizzard. So, so that she could make herself useful, she decided to start farming, purely and simply.

But the story goes further, since she told Jake Lucky that one of her friends had one day decided to get married… in World of Warcraft! However, the character of the young groom that this young woman planned to marry was weak, so he mentioned his wish to be able to buy a more powerful character so as not to appear as a clown in front of his wife during her virtual nuptials. Adriana Chechik then decided to farm a Paladin for him with particularly powerful equipment, to ultimately sell him for a sum she estimates between $250 and $500!

World of Warcraft

A story as absurd as it is funny, far from the very austere tone that World of Warcraft often takes when discussing its high-level game. However, it should be remembered that the resale of a account is prohibited by the Blizzard End User License Agreement and may lead to the suspension of the account in question. Do not try this at home!

World of Warcraft: The stars play it!

While for a long time, and still today on a lesser scale, World of Warcraft has long been perceived as the game typically dedicated to extreme behavior in terms of playing time and self-neglect, it is clear that the trend has changed over the years to the point that even the most famous celebrities no longer hesitate to affirm that they have been playing it, sometimes even for a long time.

Among the best known, we can of course mention the very late Robin Williams (who was also entitled to a tribute to Nagrand, in Draenor). It is however not the only one, far from it, since it is for example the rapper Lil Nas X who directly promoted the Blizzard MMORPG at the launch of Shadowlands, in 2020, or even more recently David Harbourg known between others for his role in Stranger Things and having promoted the Dragonflght expansion, in 2022.

World of Warcraft

In bulk, we can also mention Alexandre Astier (Kaamelott), Kristian Nairn (Game of Thrones), Jessica Simpson, Mr. T (Rocky 3), Felicia Day (Buffy the vampire slayer) or even Cameron Diaz (Mary at all costs, The Mask). Many personalities have traveled through Azeroth one day, and often still do, and perhaps you have even played with some of them without even realizing it. That’s also the magic of World of Warcraft!

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WoW: This ex-adult actress reveals an unexpected secret from her MMO past!

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