With Dolly Parton and Doja Cat, this is how the Taco Bell musical: Mexican Pizza will be on TikTok

Mexican food is one of the favorite culinary delights of Americans and Latinos who live in that country and long for a taste of their homeland. Now, Taco Bell will celebrate the return of Mexican-style pizza to its menu in a special way, this time yes permanently, with the event Mexican Pizza: The Musical, which will be broadcast only on TikTok next May 26 at 8:00 p.m. (ET), as declared by the fast food chain for the portal TODAYFood. Next, all the details.

The show It will be enlivened with the presence of country singer Dolly Parton, rapper Doja Cat and tiktoker Victor Kunda. It was Parton herself, a faithful lover of Mexican pizza, who confirmed the news on her social networks after sharing a photo of the musical script written by Hannah Friedman.

Dolly Parton Shared Script for Upcoming Musical: Mexican PizzaInstagram @dollyparton

Apparently, the show will also have original music by Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, the Grammy award-winning songwriting duo, written especially for this celebration. Taco Bell described his upcoming event as the “satirical musical about the ‘heartbreaking’ story of those who fought to bring back Mexican pizza.”

The one in charge of giving the scoop on the return of this dish was the American Doja Cat, Well, in addition to participating in the musical, she is one of the artists who has asked the chain the most times to return Mexican pizza to its menu.

Kunda, on the other hand He gave some clues to his followers on March 9 when he posted a video rehearsing for “Mexican Pizza: Doja Cat’s Musical.” That caused a lot of speculation about the level of the show that all tiktokeros will be able to witness.

Doja Cat is one of the artists who claimed for the return of the Mexican Pizza
Doja Cat is one of the artists who claimed for the return of the Mexican Pizza Soledad Aznárez – THE NATION

In fact, It is not the first time that a musical or a large event has been broadcast on TikToksince they have already been carried out with all kinds of influencers and social network communities. Even Barlow and Bear represented their fanaticism and affection towards the series Bridgerton through a musical on the social network. Went with The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical with which they managed to win the Grammy.

Also there are more celebrities who use this platform to give their concerts, like Justin Bieber, J Balvin, Kimberly Loaiza and even the social network itself, which at the beginning of the year organized the TikTok Awards, where dozens of influencers attended.

Victor Kunda, the tiktoker who asked Taco Bell to return Mexican pizza

After the announcement, expectations are very high, because all Taco Bell fans lit up social media knowing that Mexican pizza will be available again on May 19, after being removed from the menu in 2020.

How is Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza made?

this popular fast food snack is made with two crispy tortillas with ground beef and refried beans inside; As for its cover, it is bathed in tomato sauce and melted cheese. But that’s not all, because if you want to give it an even more special touch to enjoy it, it can be easily customized, which is why it is also one of the favorite dishes among vegetarians.

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With Dolly Parton and Doja Cat, this is how the Taco Bell musical: Mexican Pizza will be on TikTok

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