With Adèle Van Reeth, France Inter quietly enters a new era

Nicolas Demorand and Léa Salamé on the morning show, Bruno Duvic on the midday information segment, Fabienne Sintès on “18-20”: the headliners resumed their place, Monday, August 29, on the antenna of France Inter.

Behind the scenes, however, this return to school gives off a distinct scent of novelty: Adèle Van Reeth has officially taken over from Laurence Bloch at the head of the most listened to station in France (6.9 million daily listeners between April and June , or 12.5% ​​of cumulative audience, according to Médiamétrie).

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The young woman (she will be 40 in December) had warned: ordinary lifetitle of the essay she signed at Gallimard in 2020, very little for her. Appointed by Sibyle Veil, the president of Radio France, Adèle Van Reeth radically transforms her life to discover the function of leader, which she has never exercised until now.

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“I am changing jobs and perspectives, in a house that I have known for fifteen years”sums up the producer, until April, of “Paths of Philosophy”, on France Culture. Joining Radio France in 2011, the former philosophy student first collaborated with the “New Paths of Knowledge”, alongside Raphaël Enthoven, before succeeding him, in 2017, at the microphone of an appointment ( renamed) which is at the top of Radio France’s podcasts.

“A huge hard worker”

The former president of Public Senate, Emmanuel Kessler, who had offered him, in 2017, the succession of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach at the presentation of the literary program of the channel, recognizes that he is not “not surprised by the development of his career, but more by his switch to management, [qu’il n’avait] not anticipated”.

Nicolas Demorand, who had himself applied for the position, is enthusiastic: “I find it great that this generation of people viscerally attached to books, to public service, take a step forward and put themselves in a position to lead. »

Since May, Adèle Van Reeth has been working on the return to the station, in tandem with Laurence Bloch. “She has a major advantage: she knows what radio is, welcomes the latter. And she has the qualities of listening, decision and courage to be a director. » If the two women claim to have developed the new grid hand in hand, a new program on mythology, broadcast on Saturdays at 11 a.m. (“When the gods were prowling on the earth”, presented by Pierre Judet de La Combe), an appointment you devoted to psychoanalysis, on Sundays at 3 p.m. (“L’Inconscient”, by Juan-David Nasio), and a sports program, on Sundays at 6 p.m. (“L’Esprit sport”, by Nathalie Iannetta, director sports of Radio France), “are more of a desire on my part”, concedes the newcomer, who was also presenter of “Ouh là l’art! (formerly “D’art d’art!”), on France 2.

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With Adèle Van Reeth, France Inter quietly enters a new era

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