Why Yailin La Más Viral banned wigs at her concerts

Since Carol G Y Anuel AA ended in April 2021, the public has not been able to overcome it. However, the reggaeton player turned the page long ago with the help of Yailin The Most Viralbut his new romance has sparked several conflicts.

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A few days ago, a user reported through Instagram that she had been forcibly removed from a Yailin concert, for which she had paid, just because she was wearing a blue wig.

I just got kicked out of Marbella Lounge because of my wig. I went as a fan to see Yailin and they told me that I could not be there because Miss Yailin said that she would not sing if there was a woman with a wig of this color, that is, blue”, the netizen said indignantly.

Karol G, who should be considered his rival, usually wears colored wigs and, recently, blue. For this reason, he could have considered the woman he denounced as a follower of the interpreter of “Tusa”, but the reasons go much further than that.


There are theories among Yailin’s followers that Karol G’s fans want to make life impossible for Anuel AA’s new girlfriend. The accusations affirm that they have created a campaign to hinder the presentations that the Dominican gives.

The reason why colored wigs are being banned from Yailin’s events is because of fans of a certain artist who are calling a campaign to spoil Yailin’s performances. We understand that there are many people outraged by these actions, but it is the artist’s safety, and out of respect for the public that she will enjoy a good show and wants to support her”, wrote a fan page of the 21-year-old artist.

They also assured that this was a way to defend themselves against some malicious followers of “La bichota”.

It is not fair that while Yailin strives every day to break in their presentations, because they enjoy their music, there are people dedicating themselves to that. The problem is not that they have a certain color hair, the problem is in the intentions they have, throwing tomatoes at her, shouting the other’s name, booing her and ruining the show completely. So understand, those measurements are not just for the hair”, they finished.

However, there is no proof that this is coordinated and much less has been promoted by Karol G. Perhaps some people will give Yailin a hard time, but for her “righteous pay for sinners”, as was the case with the follower who went to see her sing with great enthusiasm, but ended up being removed from the establishment.


The real name of Anuel’s controversial new girlfriend is Georgina Lulú Guillermo. She was born in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

His musical career began when in 2019 he signed with “Akino Mundial Music”. The following year, she released her song “Quien me atraca a mi remix” in which Haraca Kiko collaborated. In addition, she released “I am not going to lie down” together with Tokischa and “La Perversa”.

His popularity came when his song “Chivirika” went viral on the TikTok social network. In April this year, she started her first concert tour in the United States.

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Why Yailin La Más Viral banned wigs at her concerts

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