Who is Rich Paul, Adele’s millionaire boyfriend?

The first time they were seen in public was during an NBA basketball sports league game in July 2021. At that time, suspicions were raised that Rich Paul and Adele Adkins had a torrid romance, but no one knew. dared to accept it officially.

After that date, the meetings were more recurrent, as Adele allowed herself to be photographed on multiple trips to New York, London and even some social gatherings with friends in Los Angeles, California.

However, it was not until September that their courtship was confirmed. Some photographs published by the singer immortalized the moment in which they both attended a wedding together. The snapshot shared on Instagram had more than 8 million “likes” and more than 71,000 comments.

In November of that same year, Adele was interviewed by the host and businesswoman, Oprah Winfrey, with whom the British woman was honest because she talked about her motherhood, divorce and even her body. At that meeting, the singer also spoke of Rich Paul, whom she described as a “hilarious, intelligent” man. And she added: “It’s amazing to see him do what he does. And how easy it is to do.”

In an interview with the magazine rolling stone, the winner of 15 Grammy awards recalled that the first time she saw Paul was at the birthday of one of her friends, in which both ended up dancing; but it was not until 2021, when they had contact again.

Who is Rich Paul?

Rich Paul is a sports agent based in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the founder of Klutch Sports Group, a sports representation agency focused on outstanding players in the NBA basketball sports league. Currently, Paul is 40 years old, while Adele is 34.

His interest in sports arose from a very young age, but it was not until 2002, when he met the teenager LeBron James, at the Akron-Canton airport, that he consolidated his sports business, as he began to work closely with the agent of the star of the basketball, Leon Rose. The fortuitous meeting would have happened, after James was impressed by a Warren Moon shirt that Paul was wearing.

In those years, Paul was in the business of buying old Atlanta jerseys and selling them in Cleveland. After that casual chat, Paul and James exchanged phone numbers and James sold him a Magic Johnson jersey, then a Lakers player; and a Los Angeles Rams football player Joe Namath jersey.

According to the portal Celebrity Net Worth, which estimates celebrity earnings, Paul has a fortune valued at $120 million. The page recognizes him as the manager of more than 20 NBA players and one of the most powerful agents in the world of sports. He has generated close to $1 billion in deals.

The aforementioned medium highlights that, in 2012, LeBron James abruptly left Leon Rose to join Rich Paul’s newly formed independent agency, Klutch Sports Group. He adds: “Although LeBron was Paul’s first and biggest client, he would add to his list dramatically. Throughout his career, he managed to represent names like Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons and Draymond Green”.

In 2019, Paul earned approximately $70 million in a year from representing relatively unknown players at the time, such as Eric Bledsoe, Tristan Thompson and Jordan Clarkson.

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Who is Rich Paul, Adele’s millionaire boyfriend?

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