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This Monday, July 25, TF1 Séries Films is broadcasting the documentary The Shattered Destiny of Whitney Houston: The Fall of a Star. During her career, the singer has had no shortage of suitors. In a television interview in 1990, the star of Bodyguard revealed that actor Robert de Niro had a crush on her.

Impossible for men to resist its charm. With her beauty and her diva voice, Whitney Houston kept turning heads during his career. If she has the lead role in the tribute documentary The Shattered Destiny of Whitney Houston: The Fall of a Starbroadcast this Monday, July 25 on TF1 Series Moviesthe singer also had first place in the hearts of men. And especially in that of Robert de Niro. A crush on which the star of the film had returned Bodyguard during his appearance on the show The Byron Allen Show in 1990. During this interview on American television, Bobbi Kristina’s mother said that the American actor did not hesitate to follow her to the four corners of the world to woo her. “[Il m’a suivie] to London”, she said. Before continuing: “I think he was already there even before I arrived. He had sent me flowers. He must have inquired. He had been on my back for a while.”

And to curry favor with Aretha Franklin’s goddaughter, Robert de Niro attended his mythical concert organized at the Carnegie Corridor in New York. “He called me that night”, remembered the screen partner of Kevin Costner. And to add: “He sent me flowers again and wanted to get to know me better. Totally captivated by the talent of the artist, who died tragically on February 11, 2012, Robert de Niro would have liked to give him the line on a film set. If she did not accept his advances, Whitney Houston was full of praise for her: “He’s a fabulous actor! I love what he does!”. A tender statement that must have consoled the principal concerned.

Whitney Houston: her scandalous meeting with Serge Gainsbourg

An unforgettable television sequence. On April 5, 1986, Michel Drucker received Whitney Houston and Serge Gainsbourg on the show Champs-Elysees. On the set, the husband of Dany Saval invited the singer to take his place next to Diva. “Serge, tell her that you found her sublime!”, encouraged Michel Drucker, while the musician, a gentleman in a tuxedo, offered him a kiss on the hand. Drunk and uncontrollable, the interpreter of Javanese vulgarly asserted “I said I want to fuck her” to the singer. Shocked by the words of the father of Charlotte Gainsbourg, the ex-wife of Bobby Brown had then replied: “What!!! What did you say?” (note: “Excuse me? What did you say?”).

Thirty-six years later, this slippage remains engraved in the memory of Michel Drucker. Guest of the show As an asidebroadcast on Canal+ on February 28, the famous animator of the PAF came back to this scene. “It was a global scandal”, he confided. Before specifying: “I happened to walk in Cambodia, in Israel or in England and they talk to me about that […]. It was so huge what he [Serge Gainsbourg, ndlr] took him out”. With hindsight, the presenter of France 2 assured thathe would have been more firm if he had had the chance. “That remains a nightmare for me, this sequence”he concluded.

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Whitney Houston: this American actor who fell for her – Gala

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