Which old series are still broadcast on television?

Who doesn’t have in mind a favorite series that rocked their childhood or adolescence? If you can’t go back to the past, you can console yourself by watching the episodes still aired on TV. Overview of some series still present on the small screen:

Whether on netflix or on other streaming platforms, series of all kinds are not lacking. Drama, reality show, comediesseries for teenagers.…something to please the greatest number. However, some are still nostalgic for the days when their favorite series was hugely successful and every episode was a real date. Friends, beverly hills, Our beautiful familyand many other sitcoms have won over entire generations who have fond memories of them.

Some channels and platforms have understood this and do not hesitate to rebroadcast these Proust madeleines today. There are also those that have continued to exist for years with the same actors as for the fires of love or with a new version (called a reboot) like Hartley Raw Hearts. Here is our selection of 10 series to see or review!

Serial family stories

  • The Little House On The Prairie

The Little House On The Prairie is the adaptation of the autobiographical novel written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We discover the life of Charles Ingalls, his wife and their three children Mary, Laura and Carrie, farmers who came to settle in Walnut Grove, a village in Minnesota. Released in the 1970s, this saga became cult for nearly ten years with an audience seduced by this family with a big heart and many values ​​such as work, courage and loyalty. To be continued on 6ter.

The Little House On The Prairie

More recent than the others, this American sitcom was broadcast in 2001 for the first time in United States and in 2003 in France. In the series, we share the life of the Kyles: Mickael, his wife Janet and their 3 children, Junior, Claire and Kady, an African-American family from the wealthy class who tackle various everyday subjects with humor. For lack of audience, My family first didn’t last very long. The series can be found on the family channel Gulli.

My family first

This series comical American which was born in 1991 on the channel ABC and was one of the hit series in the 90s. Our beautiful family, it’s the story of Franck Lambert and Carol Foster who decide to get married when they already have children on their own. This cohabitation between the two families will not be so easy. Here we are dealing with a real societal subject: stepfamily. And the strength of this series rebroadcast on AB1 is precisely to approach this theme with humor.

Our beautiful family

Love glory and beautywords that make you dream…” . Many of us have in mind the credits of this series made in the USA, the first episode of which was broadcast in 1987. The producers quite simply used a recipe that works based on the confrontation between two family clans: the Spencers and the Foresters. Handling, lies, betrayals in the middle of the fashion… This is what has won over fans who can continue to watch new episodes every day on France 2 with a younger cast. Only two actors who were present from the launch of the soap are still present today.

Love glory and beauty

In the same spirit, we find the fires of love on TF1. This American series from the 70s is also based on stories of clans, betrayal, joys and dramas. She also highlights the American Dream “the American dream”, through characters from the working class who will climb the ladder quickly. Stories that have fascinated many for years. The series continues to exist and will celebrate its 50 years in 2023! As if Victor Newman, Nikki and the others did not age!

The fires of love

Friends bands on television

Is it really useful to present Friendsthis cult series based on the daily life of six friends New Yorker. Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Ross, Joey and Chandler have seduced a whole generation through their everyday stories. The series is still as popular twenty years later and the reunion of the group on HBOhave only confirmed this planetary craze. The recipe for success ? A lighthearted and humorous approach to all serious life issues (love,silver, friendship, work…) and that everyone asks themselves during their life. The most famous band of friends on the small screen is to follow on TFX.


Here is another famous group of friends: Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Dylan, Donna, Steve, Andrea and David. Broadcast in the 90sthe series was a dazzling success and marked a whole generation. It was also one of the very first series aimed at teenagersallowing many youth to identify with the actors. A reboot BH90210 was completed recently, but had to be stopped earlier than expected due to lack of success. Fortunately, there is still the rerun of the series on the channel AB1.

beverly hills

It is also on AB1 that we find Hartley Raw Hearts. No doubt the series australian the best known in the 90s. The latter retraces the school life of students and teachers of different origins and backgrounds in high school of Hartley. All societal issuesteenagers are mentioned there. The series lasted almost 9 years. Moreover, a reboot is currently being filmed and will be broadcast soon on netflix.

The great classics in terms of series

In this American series broadcast for the first time in 1993, we follow Fran Fine say Miss Fine, a nanny not like the others. His physique, his looks and his outspokenness will not leave his employer indifferent. Maxwell Schefield. A romance then unlikely will be born between the two characters. The excessive side, but endearing of this governess proud of her origins jews immediately appeal to viewers. Episodes can be viewed at TFX.

A nanny from hell

Here is another example of longevity. This series policewoman American is one of the most watched on the other side of the Atlantic. It owes its success to strong characters like Gibbs and his paternal side and to surveys well done that keep viewers spellbound. The series which recorded audience records in United States has also been able to find its audience in France. Besides, filming continues with new actors. The old episodes are to see or see again on W9 and the new ones on M6.


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Which old series are still broadcast on television?

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