Which Lady Gaga song vibrates more with your zodiac sign?

Lady Gaga is one of the most popular singers of recent timesand has managed to captivate several generations with his voice who are able to identify with many of his songs. The artist, who also acts and who was recently confirmed to be Harley Quinn in the next edition of Jocker, was born in the United States and It is a faithful reference of the people of Aries.

For the above is that we wanted to relate their music to the different zodiacal signsunderstanding that to have a more complete playlist of your life you must see your Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs. Will you feel identified with any?

Which Lady Gaga song is Aries?

“Boy, the way you text me won’t make me leave any faster”will say any Aries, who you don’t want to be controlled and even, he will do more to contradict what he is told, since he will enter a battle to know who is in control. “It’s not that I don’t like you, I’m just at a party and I’m sick and tired of my phone ringing,” they’ll always say, since when they want to have fun they know how to do it, leaving their feet and heart on the dance floor.

Which Lady Gaga song is Taurus?

“Now is the time to free myself from shame,” the bulls will think, who when they love many times they have to be very sure of what they feel and then only then do they risk everythingbringing out the artillery to conquer. “I would fight for you, even if we split in two”, because that’s the way it is in love Tauruswhen he loves, he loves stupidly, and he will say that is “because all I ever wanted was love.”

Which Lady Gaga song is Gemini?

“Hold me and love me. I just want to touch you for a minute, maybe three seconds is enough for my heart to give up”is a very Gemini phrase, because they want something and then they don’tjust as it happens in love, that for them it will also be seen as a game. “The history of us, always begins the same with a boy and a girl”, because that’s how Geminis are, Always like children facing life.

Which Lady Gaga song is Cancer?

“If you could, I’d know you’d stay. We both know things don’t work that way.”very cancerian thought, who have trouble letting go of people in their lifesince they feel that “every part of my aching heart needs you more than the angels”. When time has passed and they think they don’t feel anything for someone, a memory will cross them and then they will recognize “I still love you, even if I can’t see you anymore.”

Which Lady Gaga song is Leo?

“I live for the applause, I live for the way you cheer for me and yell for me,” You will recognize any lion when you ask him what the engines of his life are, since they were born for the show and the shows. What enjoy being the center of attention and receiving all the complimentswill always say “I stay here waiting for you to hit the gong to crash the critic saying: Is it right or wrong?”, is that whether they speak well of them or not, the important thing for Leo is to give something to talk about.

Which Lady Gaga song is Virgo?

“My heart would break without you”thinks Virgo, who he always sees the risk of being left due to the carelessness he puts into other areas of his life other than work or service to others. That’s why, you should consider work as your drug, to which he will say “I need you more than drugs” to her crush, knowing that he is neglecting him when he admits that “I screwed up again because I lost my only friend”.

Which Lady Gaga song is Libra?

“I have learned that love is like a brick, you can build a house or sink a corpse”Libra will say, which will leave others stupefied, but which is very true for them, since they always see things from the extremes, always wanting to be a mediator. Also, when he loves he does it intensely and he will recognize that “he could not love a man so purely”and if it is not the one, then it will say “in the most biblical sense, I am beyond repentance.”

Which Lady Gaga song is Scorpio?

“Touch me, touch me, don’t be sweet”, says this song, something that probably Scorpio will also say in bed, where he expresses himself with an intoxicating and passionate intensity. Besides, they too they think that “our sex does not tell lies”as in intimacy is where the scorpions will be able to discover how much they love them. Of course, it is not certain that they will want to be the “girl under you”, but they will definitely want to be with you.

Which Lady Gaga song is Sagittarius?

“You can’t have my heart, and you won’t use my mind, but do what you want with my body,” It is something that any archer will tell you, who often avoid any commitment but not fleeting encounters, in which they promise you everything except that you will have their heart (even if you have it) since they will not want to lose their freedomso they would also tell you “You can’t stop my voice, because you don’t own my life.”

Which Lady Gaga song is Capricorn?

“I am a soldier with my loneliness”is what Capricorn will always say, who are one of the loneliest signs of the zodiac. Furthermore, they are also likely to say “I will not give up on life, I am a warrior queen who lives with passion tonight”which greatly sums up the thought of this sign, who also will want to marry the night in the metaphorical sensewhere he will embrace who he is and will have the desire to eat the world.

Which Lady Gaga song is Aquarius?

“There is nothing wrong with loving who you are” this is how any Aquarius will think, which will use as a pretext to always put up a resistance or its own path to do thingseven if it means going against the current, which makes him proud to admit. Also, he won’t mind being judgedsince it will simply say “I am beautiful in my own way because God does not make mistakes”which is true, that is why they will always say that they were born that way.

Which Lady Gaga song is Pisces?

I’ve got a hundred million reasons to go, but baby I just need one good one to stay.any Pisces facing a breakup will say, who they are very dependent and will not want to leave the relationships they have. “Can’t you give me what I’m needing?” they will always askjust like the song says, because for Pisces “every broken heart makes it hard to keep faith” in love.

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Which Lady Gaga song vibrates more with your zodiac sign?

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