Which Lady Gaga Song Goes With Your Zodiac Sign? Here we tell you

In recent times Lady Gaga has achieved incredible popularity, managing to impact all her fans through her voice, songs and videos, as many have come to identify with some of her songs. But, have you ever wondered which of her songs matches your personality the most? For this reason, we bring you the list of Lady Gaga’s songs that matches your zodiac sign the most.

Aries: Phone

People with this sign are lovers of freedom, challenges and love nature, in addition to that they are very full of and go through life with great enthusiasm, that is why this song would be perfect for some of their phrases that involve, they would be the same ones an Aries would utter, “Boy, the way you text me won’t make me leave any faster” or “It’s not that I don’t like you, I’m just at a party and I’m sick and tired of my phone ringing.”

Taurus: Stupid Love

“Now is the time to free myself from shame”, “I would fight for you, even if we split in two”, are some phrases that describe Taurus, as they are people who have great willpower and are determined when taking action. decisions.

Gemini: Love Game

They have a somewhat complex character that is usually contradictory, they are people who can start adventures with great enthusiasm, however they end up getting bored quickly, although they are also very affectionate, kind and generous. “Hug me and love me. I just want to touch you for a minute, maybe three seconds is enough for my heart to leave it” and “The story of us, it always begins the same with a boy and a girl”, are phrases that belong to the song that would be very common in the Geminis.

Cancer: Joanne

People of this sign have a difficult personality to classify, as many tend to be shy, boring or bright and famous, although others love to be outgoing or tend to withdraw. Their home is the safest place they can have, so they tend to be very attached “Every part of my aching heart needs you more than the angels” and “If you could, I would know you would stay. We both know that things don’t work that way”, mentions the song, something very characteristic of the Cancer.

Leo: applause

“I live for the applause, I live for the way you cheer me on and shout for me”, “I stay here waiting for you to hit the gong to smash the critic saying: Is it right or wrong?”, are phrases that are mentioned in the song that would go like a glove to a Leo, since it is considered the most dominant zodiac sign of all, they are creative, extroverted and are characterized by being strong and brave, as well as having a lot of self-confidence.

Virgo: Dope

They are observant and very patient, although sometimes they have a hard time making friends because of the cold character they show, in addition to this they have the ability to be very intuitive and see an argument everywhere. “My heart would break without you”, “I need you more than drugs”, a Virgo may think, since he often sees the risk of being left.

Libra: Jude

“I have learned that love is like a brick, you can build a house or sink a corpse”, “In the most biblical sense, I am beyond repentance”, are phrases that a Libra would say, since although they are very civilized and usually have their charms, they also have a negative side, and it is curiosity, many times this is what usually makes them interfere in the lives of others, in addition to the fact that they do not like to be contradicted.

Scorpio: GUY

Scorpios tend to be strong-willed and tenacious, but at the same time calm and detached from reality. They are very observant and despite remaining silent they have a very critical eye, which is why they often resent others, since they consider that they should deserve the respect of others. “Touch me, touch me, don’t be sweet”, “our sex doesn’t tell lies”, since they think that intimacy is where they can discover how much they love them.

Sagittarius: Do what u want

“You can’t have my heart, and you won’t use my mind, but do what you want with my body”, “you can’t stop my voice, because you don’t own my life”, are phrases that Sagittarius would say, because in addition to taking the best version of themselves at the moment when everything gets complicated, they also have their negative side and that is that they have a very difficult genius when detecting that someone does not follow their same rhythm, they are usually very demanding with others.

Capricorn: Marry the night

One of the characteristics that defines a Capricorn is security, stability and tranquility, they are also fair and at the same time demanding with others and with themselves. They get carried away a lot by their emotions, so it is not surprising that phrases like “I am a soldier with my loneliness” or “I am not going to give up on life, I am a warrior queen who lives with passion tonight”, go with his personality.

Aquarius: Born this Way

“There is nothing wrong with loving who you are”, “I am beautiful in my own way because God does not make mistakes”, characteristic phrases of an Aquarius, because in addition to having a strong and attractive personality, they are also considered the most patient sign. Many of them tend to be patient, shy and sensitive, while others are more frivolous, lively and exuberant.

Pisces: Million Reason

They are calm, kind and patient, they also tend to show their feelings to others, they are one of the most loved by the other 11 signs, they are very creative and artistic, they also care a lot about others. “I have a hundred million reasons to leave, but honey, I only need one good one to stay”, “Can’t you give me what I’m needing?”, are phrases that go with the Pisces since they also respond sympathetically to touch, but when same time suffering.

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Which Lady Gaga Song Goes With Your Zodiac Sign? Here we tell you

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