Which Adele Song Is Which Zodiac Sign?

Adele is the author of songs that have become an anthem for all lovers, and that today are a classic of karaokes, breakups or dedications. For the above, We wanted to relate the greatest hits of this British singer with the zodiac signs.

According to Astrology, all the members of the zodiacal wheel have characteristics that define themso we could discover which of the artist’s hundreds of lyrics would be perfectly sung by the Zodiac. For that, We invite you to read your Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs below, and thus make a playlist of your personality.

Which Adele song is Aries?

“You’re going to wish you never met me”, says the song and that’s what Aries thinks when he feels that they play with his heart. It is that the Arian fire appears at all times, especially when they go to take it, that’s when he will say “I can finally see you crystal clear”and at that time you have to worry about his revenge.

Which Adele song is Taurus?

“They say that time supposedly heals”, Adele believes and those of this sign too. Taurus is one of those who resists change, and years can go by without forgetting everything they’ve lived through, especially in love, that’s why it’s likely that after a while they appear and say “Hello, it’s me”.

Which Adele song is Gemini?

“Should I leave it like this? Should I give up?” Gemini is indecisive and, although he does not recognize it, he falls in love intensely. The problem is that he doesn’t know if deciding for love will be good or not, so he always looks for new options, or justifies himself by saying that “I know what love is, but what if I tell the world?

Which Adele song is Cancer?

“Let me photograph you right now in case it’s the last time.” Cancer is melancholic and also often pessimistic, so love lives it that way too. He always seeks to remember, because for him it is important to understand the past and love it in order to live in the present.

Which Adele song is Leo?

She won’t be able to love you like I do Adele says in this song and Leo sings it at the top of his lungs. It is that he is always worried about what they say, so people of this sign will want to know how, when and where their loved ones are, even if the relationship ended a while ago. They won’t hesitate to make a song about how irreplaceable they are.

Which Adele song is Virgo?

  • Send my love (to your new lover)

“We both know that we are no longer children. Send my love to your new lover, treat her better”. Virgo loves very hard and honestly, so if someone does not give him what he needs or does not treat him as he feels he should, he will probably end the relationship and say that “I have forgiven everything”.

Which Adele song is Libra?

“I was hoping you’d see my face and remind you that, for me, it wasn’t over. It doesn’t matter, I’m going to find someone like you, and I wish you the best as well.”. Libra is one of those who does not usually end relationships, so it is hurt, although it does not take long to move on to his next love, as Adele says in this song.

Which Adele song is Scorpio?

“I know I have a volatile heart, a bit of bitterness, a curious eye and a heaviness in my head, but don’t you remember the reason you loved me?”. Scorpio knows that he is intense in love, but it is something that is part of his personality. This sign gives everything for love, and that is why he is surprised when they leave him abandoned.

Which Adele song is Sagittarius?

“I won’t let you get close enough to hurt me, I won’t rescue you so you leave me”, sings Adele, and Sagittarius understands perfectly. It is that this sign does not support manipulations and he feels that “under your thumb I cannot breathe”, so he understands when it is time to say goodbye.

Which Adele song is Capricorn?

“I was still a child, I didn’t have the possibility to feel the world around me, I didn’t have time to choose what I chose to do”. Capricorn since childhood behaved like an adult, which often works against him in love and other situations. Fending for himself is difficult, so he hopes that others will understand what he had to go through.

Which Adele song is Aquarius?

“If you’re not the one for me, why do I hate the idea of ​​being free?”. If an Aquarius thinks this, it is because he is really in love. The people of this sign, although they live saying that they love their loneliness, when they feel such a strong love they are ready to give up, so they ask that if they are going to disappoint them, be gently.

Which Adele song is Pisces?

“I dropped my heart and you rose to claim it. It was dark and I was done, until you kissed my lips and saved them.”Says the typical Piscean who often gets lost in the identity of the other because he thinks he was saved from something else. By the same token, when they let him down, he might even set the rain on fire.

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Which Adele Song Is Which Zodiac Sign?

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