When Doja Cat speaks French or rather Lyonnais: “wesh pélo”

“Wesh pelo you’re phew you”, Doja Cat ignites the web by speaking French on Insta. With 23.8 million subscribers, the artist made the people of Lyon proud by using their expression. The American star who made the show a few weeks ago at Coachella talk about her again.

Wesh pelo

On Twitter, the French and even more the Lyonnais were so happy to see Doja speaking French: *”Doja Cat is now Lyonnaise”*, “Dodja Cat, who taught you that???” or “The fact that Doja cat has a better French accent than Timothée Chalamet keeps me awake at night”.

She had already posted a story a few days before where she also spoke French:

But the questions that all his fans are asking is: do her boyfriend is french and when will she do a concert in France ?

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When Doja Cat speaks French or rather Lyonnais: “wesh pélo”

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