What’s behind Eminem’s rap to AMLO and the funny videos of Rammstein singing “Ramito de Violetas”

In social networks, users shared the video of the fragment of a song that Eminem allegedly dedicated to the president of Mexico

A few days ago a video began to circulate on social networks where Eminem had allegedly written a song criticizing the management of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, however this topic was falseor, although many believed it at first, but it is not the only issue that has caused surprise in our country.

With an authentic rap beat in the background, the approximately one-minute video exposed a series of criticisms of the current government in turn in Mexico and, although Eminem does not appear at any time in the video, The tone of voice of the interpreter of the aforementioned song is extremely similar to that of the American rapper, so users on social networks did not take long to mistakenly attribute authorship to him.

However, There were also Internet users who were in charge of denying that Eminem had composed said song for the Tabasco president but by then the social networks were already flooded with all kinds of comments and of course memes.

The controversy escalated so much that even Andrés Manuel López Obrador himself and his work team had to explain said fake in his traditional morning conference. It was in the section Who’s who in the lies of the week that Ana Elizabeth García Vilchis, director of Networks of the Presidency Spokesperson, denied the video that claimed that Eminem had criticized the president of Mexico.

Identical voices and tributes to the Mexican

Every good countryman has ever heard the famous song bouquet of violets; This tune became popular for its danceable tune and took root in Mexican culture and its reach has been so great that multiple groups have created covers on the subject, highlighting the versions of the Chilean singer Zalo Reyes, Mi Banda el Mexicano and ¿Rammstein?

As crazy as it seems, A video is circulating on digital platforms where it would seem that the German industrial metal band performs bouquet of violetsin addition to other topics such as Fly fly of Magneto or Pastel pink of the iconic Mexican group, Belanova.

To the rhythm of electric guitars, bass, drums a voice identical to that of its vocalist Till Lindemann, the covers that Rammstein has made to songs in Spanish have captured the attention of Internet usersmanaging to deceive more than one who comes to believe that these interpretations are real, however, the truth is that it is a tribute to the Germans by the musical group Autumns Midnight, originally from Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche.

Autumn’s Midnight have done songs as diverse as “La cumbia del garrote” by Los del Garrote, “Como una novela” by Los Acosta, “Lo Dudo” by maestro José José“El Muchacho de los Ojos Tristes” by the Spanish-London Jeanette, even “Amigo” by Roberto Carlos, all with their characteristic stamp transformed into industrial metal.

Autumn’s Midnight was originally a solo musical project of environmental themes with orchestral instruments, over the years they incorporated some popular industrial metal themes and during the pandemic they began to do this type of pop themes that made them popular on YouTube and other platforms, however their original music is also highly regarded.


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What’s behind Eminem’s rap to AMLO and the funny videos of Rammstein singing “Ramito de Violetas”

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