What is the best place for a concert at the Palacio de los Deportes?

The concerts Face-to-face shows have once again become a reality for music fans in Mexico and that is why, for a few months now, a massive wave of announcements of new shows by our favorite artists has appeared. In CDMX, surely, several of them have landed in the Sport’s palaceone of the most important venues in the country.

The Sport’s palace It was inaugurated in 1968 to celebrate some basketball events as part of the Olympic Games of that year. Since then, it has been used to receive some of the most important shows in the country and, over time, it became one of the properties for concerts favourites.

This 2022, among some of the confirmed recitals at said venue are those of Rels B, Placebo, Interpol, Death From Above 1979, Maluma, Los Auténticos Decadentes, Franz Ferdinand, Roger Waters and more, which you will surely be waiting for and it is that’s why, then, we tell you which is the best place to enjoy with a proper view and comfortably.

These are the best places to see a concert at the Palacio de los Deportes

Before buying your tickets for the Sport’s palacein addition to your budget and the level of fanaticism you have with a certain band or artist, you should consider several things: your height, the ability you have to endure several hours of standing and withstanding pushes and previous experiences in concerts.

If what you want is to live the experience of seeing your favorite group or singer just a few meters away, the recommendation is that you buy on the track or in the sections closest to the stage. Although shows generally divide this space into General A and B, it is also possible that, for select events, you will have to choose seats and more divisions will apply to the area.

If the track of Sport’s palace It is general admission, keep in mind that you must arrive several hours before the start of the concert to be able to be up front or in a decent place. Also, once inside, you will have to endure jostling and stand until the show starts.

Also, if you are a short person and you can’t get to the front rows, it is best to best consider the stands. Although, the truth is that the complete experience of a concert You will always live on the track, enduring all those discomforts that with the passage of time actually become enjoyable.

On the contrary, if in reality the aforementioned aspects do not convince you and you do not want to risk discomfort, then your ideal place will be the stands of the Sport’s palacefor which we will always recommend you to choose the lateral sections that are before the final curvature of the property, that is, those that correspond to spaces D-11, 27 and 28 and E 10 and 28. (Remember that section D it is one floor lower than E, so in the first one you will see everything closer).

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What is the best place for a concert at the Palacio de los Deportes?

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