What is Dua Lipa’s zodiac sign? That’s how your personality works

Yes ok Dua Lipa began to be heard in Colombia recently, now the woman has become an icon of fashion, style and even sensuality. It is no secret to anyone that the artist steals the looks of both men and women and her beauty attracts too much.

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The British singer has stood out for each of the shows she has performed on stages around the world. Along with her dance group, Dua has conquered all her fans and others who see her through her videos of her performances that go viral on networks.

She is a worthy representative of her zodiac sign and here we tell you what she is and what characteristics she has.

Dua Lipa: What is your zodiac sign?

On August 22, the artist turned 27 years old, which means that she is from the Leo sign, one of the fire element group.

The people of Leo sign, they are characterized by liking the details a lot, that they care about him and that they know everything he likes. That level of interest in his personality will make him take your feelings for him seriously.

Leos like it. be the example for others and that is why they are strong and decisive when they have to launch themselves into a situation. They also give importance to being in love and being reciprocated. And that everyone notices it, and that he is valued when he deserves it.

For this sign, love is the engine of their life and they cannot live without that special person, sometimes they can be impulsive in their feelings and demand a lot of time in the relationship with the other person.

Likewise, “they are loyal, faithful people, attentive to their friends and very grateful. The best you’ll find! They will take care of you and pamper you. His shyness is perhaps one of his worst virtues. That fear of speaking in public, of making a mistake in front of others, of being laughed at or being wrong prevents them from enjoying life as they deserve. Many times this withdrawn character is fueled by a feeling of insecurity that makes them doubt everything, ”highlights the media Women’s Journal.

Leo sign: its dark side

According to what is indicated by the web black horoscope, those born under this sign “know that they can count on you to deliver any masterstroke. Anything that means getting more power, more leadership and more authority is welcome in your life.”

“Leo knows what he is worth and what is “right” to him, in addition, a large part of the world revolves around him and he is respected for what he manages to achieve in his life. The problem is that he trusts people too quickly and other signs take advantage of that.”

He also knows that when that dark side is shown they are tyrants and have zero tact. “There are few who dare to challenge and provoke him, but there are. And this sign, he doesn’t have much patience with them. When they have thrown themselves at someone’s neck, there is no one to stop them.”

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What is Dua Lipa’s zodiac sign? That’s how your personality works

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