What is behind the success of concerts and music festivals in Colombia?

The first five months of 2022 showed that Colombians are interested in supporting economic reactivation when it comes to face-to-face events. A part of last year and the first months of this semester have shown that the public is interested in attending and paying for hot entertainment.

It is no longer a surprise to have a sold out event in Colombia. On the contrary, there are many shows that days, weeks, and even months before they are held, sell their entire box office offering peace of mind to their producers.

Behind the success of the reactivation of public shows there are many people and institutions that work to improve the experience of live shows that, in turn, benefit the country. Entrepreneurs and show promoters also come to the conclusion that The sector has been favored by the Law on Public Shows and its great impact on the organization of festivals and concerts.

This, precisely, was the topic that was discussed in the conversation moderated by Paula Ricciulli from Shock, which included the participation of Angélica Mayolo, Minister of Culture; Luz Ángela Castro, Country Manager of Ocesa Colombia, Catalina Amador, Senior Producer of Páramo Presenta, Eduardo Olea, Director of Research and Development of Tu Boleta and Member of the Board of Directors of Movistar Arena, Victoria Bonilla, Legal Director of Ticket Fast-Tu Ticket and Diomar García CEO of Diomar García Events.

These are some contributions from the panelists

· Angelica Mayolo, Minister of Culture: For the country, the law has made it possible to collect approximately 177 billion pesos in 10 years and these resources have made it possible to invest in the construction, adaptation or provision of cultural infrastructure for the performing arts in Colombia.

· Luz Angela Castro, Country Manager of Ocesa Colombia: The space of the pandemic was very important because it left learning and union union. We find opportunities in the midst of crises, we reinvent ourselves, we generate alternative businesses and I think it also put the importance of entertainment for people on society’s radar. In addition to being generators of employment and the image of the country, it was important to recognize ourselves as generators of happiness because people were looking for streaming.

The boom that we are seeing in the opening and in the possibility of doing concerts comes from the artists for doing concerts, the euphoria of people for participating in live music events and activating the value chain”.

· Catalina Amador, Senior Producer of Páramo Presents: “If we are going to make an evaluation and look at the support that the ministry has given us, it is important to emphasize two things: the first is the turning of the page on the entertainment law that allowed the resources of the contribution to also be used for investment traffic”.

· Diomar García CEO of Diomar García Events: “Since the government allowed us to reopen, people have responded in a very significant way and thanks to that many tours have come to Colombia, artists who are very important throughout the world. Many more shows are coming that we hope to continue developing hand in hand with all the companies that hold events in the country”.

· Eduardo Olea, Director of research and development of Tu Boleta and Member of the board of directors of Movistar Arena: “The Movistar Arena is the most important stage in South America, 65% of the shows have been international and the rest by national artists. The place offers security for both the artist and the public.”

· Victoria Bonilla, legal director of Ticket Fast-Tu Boleta: “We have seen how, based on the public entertainment law, today it is clear and visible for consumers to see who is behind the events, in addition to knowing what the promoter does and what his contribution to the orange economy is. There is surveillance and it is possible to see the impact that is generated. The ticket office operators is to provide collection security and show that there are serious companies behind the law”.

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What is behind the success of concerts and music festivals in Colombia?

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