What if and what can’t I bring to the Alfeñique concerts in Toluca?

We tell you if you can take your beers or put alcohol to the Alfeñique Fair in Toluca, since there is already a possible regulation.

It was already set up and in a big way, because not only were the tickets sold out for the free concerts of the Alfeñique Fair in Tolucabut now it turns out that even a band will be pirated and not the original.

Join us to find out all the details of these musical events, as a possible regulation has already been announced that all spectators must abide by.

Official date of the Alfeñique Fair concerts in Toluca

Pay attention! Well, it’s less than a week before the concerts of the Alfeñique Fair in Toluca start.

So we leave you the official billboard of all of them, reminding you that they will be from Wednesday 19 to Sunday 23 October:

  • Wednesday, October 19: MS Band.
  • Thursday, October 20: Cursed Neighborhood.
  • Friday, October 21: Sonora Santanera and Sonora Dinamita.
  • Saturday October 22: Alex Syntek.
  • Saturday October 22: Coco the Musical.
  • Sunday, October 23: Tribute to Juan Gabriel with the OFiT.

What is the pirate band that will participate in the Alfeñique Fair in Toluca?

The person who began to spread this rumor is Diego Cesar, a member of the “La Única Internacional Sonora Santanera”.

However, the authorities have not commented on it, unlike the public, who feel disappointed with such a show with a pirate group and even more so when it comes to Sonora Santanera.

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Will I be able to bring beers and alcohol to the concerts?

Now, let’s start with what many care about and others need to know; if you thought to bring one or another chelita, michelada or even a bottle, we are sorry to tell you that you will not be able to bring any type of alcoholic beverage to the concerts Alfeñique Fair in Toluca.

So do not even try to hide it, because they will only take it away from you and you will have the courage of your life.

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Tentative regulations for the concerts of the Feria del Alfeñique in Toluca

Despite not having been confirmed, some of the possible rules that the general public must respect during each concert of the Alfeñique Fair in Toluca are:

  • Access only with physical ticket.
  • Entry is not allowed by showing the QR code.
  • Access will be denied to persons in a state of intoxication.
  • Tickets do not include parking.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Access with alcoholic beverages or prohibited substances is prohibited.
  • Entry with glass bottles, cans, glasses or coolers will not be allowed.
  • There may be priority access for people with disabilities.


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What if and what can’t I bring to the Alfeñique concerts in Toluca?

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