What happened? Taylor Swift did NOT release a new album this Friday the 13th and her sad fans react with memes

When Taylor Swift is about to release a new song or album, always usually leaves some clues in your social networks or activities in which you participate. However, despite having left some, his fans (also called Swifties), are disappointed after not having received any premiere from his idol.

The rumor that alarmed the Swifties

This Friday, May 13, in which great figures of music such as Florence + The Machine, The Smile and My Chemical Romance (which was a little early) released new music, Taylor Swift gave no sign of life.

In recent days, the theory that the voice of shake it off I was going to post the new re-recorded versions of their albums Speak Now (2010) and 1989 (2014). Which, according to fans, was going to premiere this Friday.

Yes ok the rumor gained a lot of strength with even international media covering the news, Taylor Swift never said anything about it.

And unless something happens unexpectedly in the night, as some artists like Beyoncé, the popular theory is false.

But what were the clues that Taylor Swift was supposedly leaving behind about her new album?

One of them is that the artist premiered this Friday, May 6, a second re-recorded song by 1989, which is This Love (Taylor’s Version). Although he did it since it is part of the soundtrack of the new series The Summer I Turned Pretty.

It should be remembered that last year he also revealed the song Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version).

This suggested that the premiere of Taylor Swift’s new re-recorded album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) it was going to be a reality. This a week after This Love (Taylor’s Version)May being the fifth month of the year (1989 was his fifth album) and 13 being his favorite number.

Another sign was that a few days ago, posted new products on your Online store. Inspired by 1989 Y Speak Now.

In addition, Taylor Swift in April 2021 appeared on the show The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Where he explained why his song hey stephen from Fearless (Taylor’s Version)the album he was promoting at the time, wasn’t about the host of the show.

In the skit, there were many signs that made reference to an eventual premiere of 1989 (Taylor’s Version). This since the singer mentions the Colbert’s birthdaywhich is May 13.

It also shows a fake address, which includes the number 513; on the cardboard includes a photograph of the driver which was taken in 1989 and a seagull, bird that appears on Taylor Swift’s sweatshirt in the mentioned album cover. In addition there are 8 hearts and 9 stars, In reference to 8 and 9 of the aforementioned album.

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Check below the memes and reactions that emerged from the fans of Taylor Swift, sad for the absence of a new album:

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What happened? Taylor Swift did NOT release a new album this Friday the 13th and her sad fans react with memes

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