“We bet on the future, even if everything seems to be against us”

Carlos Miguel Prieto, director of the Mining Symphony Orchestra, points out that in the group “they bet on the future in a year where everything seems to be against us, there is not much official support.” Proof of this is the Summer Season with which they celebrate their return to the stage in person, after more than two years due to the pandemic and with various surprises: they will perform Beethoven’s nine symphonies, for the first time the artist will be the baton in all the recitals and there will be both national and international guest instrumentalists.

“All the programs, that’s how the season is designed, are equally attractive, I suggest going to all of them, subscribe because it is not only an opportunity to go to all the concerts, but also to give a vote of confidence, in whom we trust the most is the public and there is no doubt that he will support us a lot this summer. The season is designed as a party, as a way to invite the public to be with us from the first concert that has a spectacular program, “he told The reason Tight.

The orchestra’s 2022 Summer Season begins on July 8 with the Engineer’s Day concert, which includes Iberia, by Debussy; Aranjuez Concert, by Rodrigo and Fantastic Symphony, by Berlioz. All the concerts will be in the Sala Nezahualcóyotl of the UNAM.

The series of recitals took a year to define because, according to Prieto, they wanted it to be a very special tour and also attract young people.

“This return has been an opportunity to get closer to a younger audience, hopefully this programming, which is enormously attractive and inclusive, will give us that opportunity, anyone who goes to one of these concerts will appreciate it very much, I invite young people, who normally they are not part of our public, that they venture to come, because they are going to like it”, he highlighted.

The public will have the opportunity to listen to the Minería Symphony, in three weeks, the nine Beethoven symphonies, which for the director is a very relevant event.

“Six are going to be performed in the same week, and three in the third week of the season, that is, for those who want to listen to all nine, they can hear them in three weeks, it is something unique, because it is not common,” he said.

As part of the Beethoven Festival, on July 20 and 22, the Symphony no. 1, Symphony no. 6, Pastoral and Symphony No. 3, Eroica; then, on July 23 and 24, Symphony no. 2, Symphony no. 4 and Symphony no. 5; on August 13 and 14 Symphony No. 8 and Symphony no. 7 and in the Closing Gala the Symphony no. 9.

To enjoy

Concerts that pretend to be a feast.

  • Program 1
    When: July 8, 9 and 10
    Pieces: Iberia, by Debussy; Aranjuez Concert, by Rodrigo; and Fantastic Symphony, by Berlioz
    Guest: Pablo Sainz
    Villegas, guitar
  • Program 2
    When: July 16 and 17
    Pieces: Asteroid 4179: Toutatis, from Saariaho; Violin Concerto No. 1, from Brunch and Symphony No. 5, from Mahler
    Guest: Augustín Hadelich, violin
  • Program 3
    When: July 20 and 22
    Pieces: Symphony no. 1, Symphony no. 6, Pastoral and Symphony No. 3, Eroica, by Beethoven
  • Program 4
    When: July 23 and 24
    Pieces: Symphony no. 2, Symphony no. 4 and Symphony no. 5, by Beethoven
  • program 5
    When: July 30 and 31
    Pieces: Téenek, by Ortiz; Romantic concerto for piano, by Ponce and Symphony no. 6 Tchaikovsky’s Pathetic
    Guest: Jorge Federico Osorio, piano
  • program 6
    When: August 6 and 7
    Pieces: Second essay for orchestra, by Barber; Concerto for piano, by Castro and La noche de los mayas, by Revueltas
    Guest: Jorge Federico Osorio, piano
  • program 7
    Pieces: Symphony no. 8 and Symphony no. 7 by Beethoven and Piano Concerto no. 25, by Mozart
    Guest: Anne-Marie McDermott, piano
  • program 8
    Pieces: Fanfare for the uncommon woman no. 1, from Tower; Symphony No. 10, by Shostakovich; History of flowers and tangos, by Frieberg and Cantos y revueltas, by Flores
    Guests: Pacho Flores, trumpet and Leo Rondon, four
  • Closing Gala
    Pieces: Violin Concerto and Symphony no. 9, Beethoven Chorale
    Guests: several, including the soprano Anabel de la Mora

In each of the programs there will be pieces from Mozart and Shostakovich, to contemporary composers such as Gabriela Ortiz.

Eleven outstanding soloists will participate, including the pianist Jorge Federico Osorio, performing the Romantic Piano Concerto by Manuel M. Ponce and the Piano Concerto by Ricardo Castro; the violinist Augustin Hadelich, with the Violin Concerto no. 1, from Bruch; and the pianist Anne-Marie McDermott, with the Piano Concerto no. 25, by Mozart. The presence of Pacho Flores stands out, who will present his album Cantos y revueltas.

“It occurred to us to dream to the fullest and think about a lot of what we couldn’t do and what we want to do,” he shared.

Regarding his first time as director in all the recitals of the season, Prieto assured that he will enjoy them to the fullest. “It’s crazy, but why not do it… The beauty of this summer is that everyone is here, that’s fabulous, I think I’m going to direct 25 concerts, it’s a marathon that I see as a gigantic opportunity,” he concluded.

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“We bet on the future, even if everything seems to be against us”

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