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“Whoever said that money didn’t bring happiness is because they didn’t know where to go shopping.” It was pronounced by Blair Waldorf, the most charismatic antiheroine and, it must be said, with the most style of gossip-girl, in front of an ecstatic wardrobe that even today raises sighs. And it may sound a bit frivolous – the success of the series lay precisely in exploiting the vanity of the well-to-do children of New York’s Upper East Side – but it’s not without reason either: there’s not only something therapeutic and escapist about going to the shops, destiny When it comes to getting lost in shop windows and fitting rooms, it’s not a choice to be left to chance either.

Now that it’s time to face the dreaded change of wardrobe, Las Rozas Village It has become one of the most interesting places to pass the test and renew our clothes sensibly: a town traced by elegant boulevards, boutiques of the best firms and temporary outdoor exhibitions. With the calm and orderly appearance of a postcard town, but located just twenty minutes from the center of Madrid; perfect to sign up for the latest trends and regain strength in one of its gourmet restaurants. The chef Cristina Oria has transferred her award-winning menu there and it goes without saying that trying the foie mi cuit or their famous truffled mortadella focaccia, well worth a trip.

Under the motto “Icons are forever”, in the Village we can find all those wardrobe essentials, reinvented with details that make them more personal. In the photo on the left, the model is wearing leather garments from IRO, Philipp Plein jacket and Tous earrings. On the right, Maje denim skirt, Pinko sweater and Furla bag. Available in Las Rozas Village and La Roca Village.

In Barcelona, ​​just 40 minutes from the center, The Rock Village It captures the modern and groundbreaking style so characteristic of Barcelona girls – it’s about time we talk about the essence of Catalan girls in the same terms that we do about Parisian or Milanese girls. From Estació del Nord, your official luxury coach service Shopping Express takes us to a small town where the Mediterranean light illuminates the more than 150 boutiques of national and international firms that make it up, essential to build a good wardrobe or treat yourself to a well-deserved treat. The gastronomic offer also deserves a special mention: the signature tapas at the Andreu delicatessen, the cuisine at Atmósferas Mordisco or the Italian with a New York soul, Corso Iluzione.

As knowing all the trends is not the same as identifying the ones that suit us best, the two Villages also have service Style Advisorwith experts personal shoppers willing to advise us and help us configure our look to measure And if we can’t wait any longer to have our essential looks for the season, through the service Virtual Shopping everything we like will come directly from the boutique to our home and with personalized attention. Where do we start?

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In the photo on the left, Adolfo Domínguez’s total look and Bally’s backpack and shoes. On the right, a knitted outfit by Sandro, a coat by Bash and a bag by Coach. Available in Las Rozas Village and La Roca Village.

1. Basics are forever

Those who know the most about this say it: the smartest (and most sustainable) thing to do when it comes to renovating your wardrobe is to start with the essentials, those good quality basics that are worth investing in. It’s time to do damage control, see what we have, what we throw away and what we lack. To make it easy for us, at Las Rozas Village and La Roca Village, under the slogan “Icons are forever” they have grouped together all those contemporary classics that you will always wear. Most of them come from the elegant sartorial world: masculine cut coats, polo neck sweaters and knitted vests, tailored trousers… enough to make up our office uniform. This season, leather garments, one of the ubiquitous fabrics on the catwalk, can’t be missing in jackets and skirts of all cuts.

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On the left, she is wearing a total look by Marni. On the right, jeans, a denim jacket and a bag, all by Desigual. Available in Las Rozas Village and La Roca Village.

2. When in doubt: total denim

Who said basics were boring? Denim may be the most classic and democratic fabric out there, but the ways of wearing it change radically every season. Because in an unexpected nostalgic twist, the 2000s are back and with them, the most unthinkable denim garments. The key is in that image of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wrapped in denim from head to toe: jeans are worn square, in a total look key, and designs in patchwork format or with daring prints add note. To reinforce the 2YK spirit, Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and other street style queens combine it with a baguette bag.

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Etro bomber jacket, Zadig et Voltaire dress, Pinko boots, Furla bag, Unode50 earrings and Tous ring. All available in Las Rozas Village and La Roca Village.

3. A feather will always save you from the cold

We owe the invention to Eddie Bauer, an adventurous nature lover who nearly lost his life on a frigid fishing trip. He was the one who designed the first quilted jacket so as not to be cold again, totally oblivious to the fact that it would become an essential part of our wardrobe. A fetish garment in the winter collections, it is the perfect coat to face any atmospheric phenomenon. This season they are worn with an urban cut, like the puffer jackets of the R&B singers of the nineties, and some print that reinforces their character. A real gem.

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The model is wearing a jumpsuit by American Vintage and earrings and a bracelet by Unode50. On the right, boots by Liu Jo and denim overalls by American Vintage. Available in Las Rozas Village and La Roca Village.

4. The Wild West always comes back

We don’t know what came before, the cinema or the catwalk, but the aesthetics western it always manages to shake off the dust to conquer our wardrobe. The truth is that it is a very versatile and easy to achieve style: just leave the hat for the movies and invest in some good cowboy boots. They have become the perfect mid-season footwear, due to their ability to combine with everything -especially with dresses-, and the variety of models that exist: high or low, in leather or suede, in all colors and motifs. . The only rule that we must take into account is that the heel is sensible and better if it is slightly inclined. In this search for ‘effortless chic’, denim jumpsuits have also reached the category of classic: they fix any situation without weighing you down.

1665574603 103 Wardrobe change These are the essentials that cannot be missed

On the left, Liu Jo jeans and Baldinini shoes. On the right, Sandro shirt, Maje vest, Liu Jo jeans, Bally bag and Tous earrings. Available in Las Rozas Village and La Roca Village.

5. ‘Preppy’ is synonymous with elegant

The desire for a new normality, to return to the office and to classes, also gave us back our style preppy. But in a freer and more experimental version of the clothing worn by dedicated Ivy League students, like the one proposed by Las Rozas Village and La Roca Village: classic garments are reinvented, playing with college codes to the point of exaggeration: pants with frayed cuffs, shirts with large romantic bows, accessories with Old Money ornaments… A more original twist with no age limit.

1665574604 408 Wardrobe change These are the essentials that cannot be missed

On these lines, Levi’s shirt and jeans, Sandro knit sweater and Tous earrings. Next to him, Napapijri sweater and boots and a Barbour coat. Everything, in Las Rozas Village and La Roca Village.

6. Escape-proof

The rise of the bucolic country trend or the gorpcore –the term comes from ‘gorp’, some snacks of nuts that mountaineers eat–, has revolutionized our wardrobe to connect it with nature and, above all, placing functionality above all things. The idea is to decontextualize the country uniform – the windbreakers and the eternal barbour, the trekking boots and those warm fabrics in which we love to wrap ourselves up – and introduce them little by little into our daily style to squeeze their comfort and aesthetic strength. Basics resistant to any adventure.

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Wardrobe change? These are the essentials that cannot be missed this winter (and where to find them) | Fashion | S Fashion THE COUNTRY

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