Wait, is that glass bag worn by Doja Cat and Kylie Jenner really real real glass?

Designed by the Parisian brand Coperni in collaboration with the New York glassmakers Heven, this functional blown glass handbag (but with a pokey capacity) would make Cinderella green with envy.

Admittedly, Cinderella wore shoes made of vair (squirrel fur, a kind of squirrel) and not of glass, which in any case could not have supported the weight of an average person, absolutely want to remind volunteer science spreaders.

But let us remember that this is a fairy tale, whereas this glass handbag from the Coperni brand is very real, and functional in real life!

The Coperni x Heven blown glass handbag that seduces celebrities

The model Gigi Hadid parading for Coperni, with a glass bag made by Heven for the brand.

Founded by Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, this innovative Parisian label presented its latest collection as part of a fashion show in March 2022 with this improbable and sumptuous accessory.

Singer Doja Cat with her Coperni x Heven glass bag.

After its passage on the catwalks, photos of the Coperni glass bag immediately made the rounds of the social networks of fashion fans who are waiting for a possible next commercialization (since everything that parades is not necessarily produced to be sold to the general public).

Spoiler: it should indeed be marketed within a few months.

Singer Tinashe with her Coperni x Heven glass bag.

At the 2022 Grammy Awards on April 4, 2022, this Coperni glass handbag made headlines again, in the hands of singers Doja Cat and Tinashe. Kylie Jenner has just appeared with this piece worthy of a fairy tale.

The influencer Kylie Jenner with her Coperni x Heven glass bag.

How is this glass handbag worn by Doja Cat, Tinashe, or Kylie Jenner made?

But where does this jewel of glassware that takes itself for leather goods come from? It is the fruit of the collaboration between Coperni and the glass brand Heven.

There are at least four versions : a transparent and colorless with horns at the top of the handle, a gradient from opaque blue to colorless transparent, a semi-transparent red, and a last half-opaque half-mirror silver.

Inevitably, such Blown glass works require a lot of craftsmanship, which comes at a price. These unique pieces, made by hand and by mouth in a single blockbefore being subsequently cut with scissors in order to create a functional compartment, should be sold for nearly 2500€according to information from paper.

So at this price, the few people who want and can acquire it will have every interest in making this handbag worthy of Cinderella profitable even after midnight without the risk of it turning into a pumpkin.

And why not make it a decorative object at home every second we don’t use it? We just wonder if it breaks in the event of a fall…

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One photo credit: Instagram screenshots @home.in.heven

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Wait, is that glass bag worn by Doja Cat and Kylie Jenner really real real glass?

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