Vox says in Congress that the Trans Law marginalizes “those who can feel like a platypus”

“Lost Before It Begins.” This is how the Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, has defined the debate on the amendments to the entire trans law, presented by the PP and Vox. In the absence of hours to confirm the meaning of the votes, the two parties have been left alone in their rejection of the rule, which “discriminates against people who can feel like a platypus or Lady Gaga,” in the words of Vox. The law is one of the star texts of United We Can, which has also generated an internal stir within the PSOE.

Montero, who has processed the law urgently to approve it before the end of the year and not have to go through the partial amendments, began to speak this Thursday with the accounts made and the support signed: “We are more in this chamber and in society those of us who want it to be law”, he began.

Without mentioning her PSOE partners at any time, the minister has warned the popular group that “they are being devoured by the extreme right”. Excited, on a day that she has kept the purples waiting, Montero addressed the members of the LGTBI community present and thanked them for “don’t give up the fight” and turn their pain “into resistance and joyful rebellion”.

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, at the beginning of a plenary session, in the Congress of Deputies.

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Very different has been the position of the two groups that defended the amendments to the totality. Vox deputy Carla Toscano made her intentions clear before beginning her speech. She dressed in a t-shirt in which the motto could be read Biology is Real (in English, “biology is real”), the parliamentarian accused the Government of imposing “a single vision of society: that of gender identity”.

“They want to promote transsexuality”, the deputy has begun. Her speech was especially criticized by other parties “disgusting”called her Sara Giménez, from Ciudadanosabove all a fragment about traditional families, which are the ones that, in his opinion, “Spain really needs” and those that represent “the good and the beautiful”.

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“This law involves discrimination against people who may feel a platypus or Lady Gaga“, he snapped from the podium, raising a wave of boos in the benches of the left. “Your model of society needs broken children and adults,” he included.

The person in charge of defending the amendment to the entire PP was the deputy Mary Jesus Moor. “Why is it better for the rights of trans people that a minor can change their name?”, he asked the socialist caucus, emphasizing the critical sector led by Carmen Calvo.

“This is not the path and the PP is not the only one that considers it this way. Many left-wing feminists cry out because they are wrong on the path that cost so much to conquer,” she claimed. “They want to purge them, they want to delete thema very strong word to be in the middle of 2022, and that is not the way to go either,” he added.

The glove was picked up by deputy Sara Giménez, from Ciudadanos, who raised the left with her attack on the amendments. “We have to make it clear to Vox and the Popular Party: trans women do not erase any other woman,” she said. “I am ashamed […] It seems archaic to me in terms of equality and in terms of feminism.”

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Vox says in Congress that the Trans Law marginalizes “those who can feel like a platypus”

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