[Vidéo] Tomorrow I will be a farmer An association, launched in Sia, to “draw attention to agricultural professions”

For fifteen years, the “Tomorrow I will be a farmer” initiative of Young Farmers aims to bring together and professionalize actions to promote agricultural trades, and in particular the installation, within and outside the world. agricultural. For a year, it has become an association so that all the actors “speak with one voice”, explains its president Rémi Dumas on video at the Agricultural Show, where its official launch took place.

Launch of the association Tomorrow I will be a farmer at Sia on Tuesday 1er march. (©Facebook page of Tomorrow I will be a farmer)

“On realizes, particularly at college level, that there is no proposal for orientation towards agricultural training. This is where we want to draw attention to say “the agricultural trades exist””, highlights Rémi Dumas, Deputy Secretary General of Young Farmers and winegrower in the Hérault on the family estate since 2014. He also chairs Tomorrow I will be a farmera process initiated by the union some fifteen years ago to promote the profession of farmer and the installation, more efficiently, beyond the agricultural world. Since then, it has become a brand and then an association a year ago.

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Why this change in status? “Following the cancellation of Agricultural centre in 2021 due to the health crisis, we decided to rethink how to use the brand and strengthen the communication around agricultural professions and food, explains Rémi Dumas in the video above, made on the day of official launch of the association Tomorrow I will be a farmer at Sia 2022. We want to bring together, in an ununionized way, all the agricultural sectors behind a single brand, in order to speak with one voice. It’s all together that we will be able to promote » this sector which offers many job opportunities.

“Bringing agriculture and its professions to schools”

“We are lucky to have the high patronage of three ministries – agriculture, education and labor – and the Agriculture Commission of the Regions of France, he continues. This will make it possible to reflect together on “how bring agriculture and agricultural training to schools and colleges, as well as to people in professional retraining”, more and more numerous. Because even if the agricultural sector seems to attract them more than before, they have to be shown that it offers varied job prospects where they can flourish.

In concrete terms, what actions will be taken? “The association Tomorrow I will be a farmer is also a common toolbox with all our partners”, including Young Farmers, the MSA, the Agricultural Cooperation, Crédit Agricole, Gaec and companies, FNSafer… In project, for example, for September 2022: the quarterly educational journal Le p’tit agrieight pages, intended for primary school classes, for a first discovery of agriculture and its trades. And a model of which was presented at the Agricultural Show. In college, and even in high school, then in training organizations for older people, Rémi Dumas repeats it, it is on a better knowledge of these sectors and orientation towards these fields of activity that we must work.

In the decade to come and beyond, in the face of massive retirements of farmers“it will be increasingly crucial to install young farmers to preserve our food sovereignty and the dynamism of our territories”.

Another launch: the operation I love my farmers

Coming to launch the association with Julien Denormandie and the vice-president of the Agriculture Commission for the Regions of France, Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, announced at the same time that of theoperation I love my farmers, carried out in consultation with the Ministry of Agriculture. The goal is the same: raise awareness of agricultural training and professions in schools, colleges and high schools and, in general, agriculture as part of raising awareness of sustainable development. This follows on from the national agreement signed on February 27, 2018, which notably gave rise to a roadmap in May 2021. Top start from March with, in parallel, the continuation of the communication campaign #EntrepreneursduLivant.

Three priorities have been defined.

  • Better inform young people on agricultural education training.

Open days and farm visits will be organized in conjunction with general education. From the end of the Sia, the educational truck L’Aventure du Vivant will resume its journey across the country.

  • Raising students’ awareness of living professions.

Producers will come to discuss with middle and high school students, and educational kits will be distributed to teachers. Welcoming trainees from 3e in the holdings of agricultural high schools will also be favored, as well as within the framework of SNU sessions from July 2022. A half-day, aimed at academic information services, will be dedicated to theorientation towards agricultural careers and food.

  • Promoting taste and food education in schools.

A call for “Vegetable Gardens” projects will be initiated in general secondary and secondary schools to create Shared Gardens co-managed by students and schools. The latter will also be able to implement actions in connection with the canteens, through territorial food projectsto promote local producers.

The Minister of Education also specified that, during the National Days of Agriculture, June 17, 18 and 19, 2022, schools and colleges will be able to visit farms. A half-day devoted to orientation towards agricultural and food trades is also planned.

“After the third, you have the choice between going to Julien Denormandie or Jean-Michel Blanquer. For many reasons, come to Julien Denormandie because he is much more sympathetic and as a bonus, you will do the best job in the world, ”declared facing the young people, not without humor, the Minister of Agriculture during the ceremony. A nice conclusion!

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[Vidéo] Tomorrow I will be a farmer An association, launched in Sia, to “draw attention to agricultural professions”

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