[VIDEO] Suzane aux Déferlantes: “My brother, a rugby player in Céret, asked me if I would one day play at Déferlantes”

A ball of energy adept at big stage performances: the tornado Suzane promises a very big show at Les Déferlantes. She will be on the stage of the festival, newly installed in Céret, on July 10. In the park of Aubiry, the one who won a Victoire de la musique in 2020, hopes to electrify the crowd and perhaps even throw herself into it.

You will be on the Déferlantes stage on July 10 for the first edition in Céret, do you know the area and the department?

Completely since my little brother played rugby in Céret. I’m very bad at rugby, but it’s thanks to him that I discovered the city. Every year he said to me:When do you do the Déferlantes?“. Finally I’m there! I can’t wait to discover the Château d’Aubiry but, in any case, I know the village. It’s really very pretty and cute. You can feel character there.

How is your return to the stage going?

During this difficult period, I had the chance to do a few festivals last year, but it was not the same intensity as usual. There, the season really resumed. I’m doing 35 festivals this summer. I had the opportunity to take the temperature. We feel that the public is happy to come back to life. I find that there is recklessness in the air. It’s nice to find a little spontaneity.

On stage, I feel like I’m going to the moon

In 2020, you won the stage revelation of the Victoires de la Musique, what drives you when you walk the boards?

The audience. He is in front of you, waiting for something to happen. The stage is also an hour or an hour and a quarter of disconnection from the world. It’s the best trip. I feel like I’m going to the moon every time. It’s a real letting go that is rare. In my daily life, as a human, I had a hard time getting there. But on stage, it is possible. Surely thanks to the exchange with the public. We have very different people in the crowd but they all listen to the same message, they react to the same bass, and all of a sudden the music explodes and it screams. It’s a unity movement that has always appealed to me. I find it crazy even if it’s very scary.

Do you dread going on stage?

I always wonder what I’m doing here. It’s a real fight against stage fright. But, when I will face the fear, overcome it, I know that the moment will be great. I prepare a lot. I have choreographies that respond to visuals. It’s important to me to have a show that’s all about detail and performance. I’ve always watched American-style performances and thought, “Wow.”

At Les Déferlantes, I hope to throw myself into the crowd

Which are part of your references?

Those of Mickaël Jackson, Lady Gaga, Madonna or Mylène Farmer in France who has always been in the grandiose. The great thing for me is not the fireworks, it’s the work that we put into each choreography and each movement. Mickael Jackson’s moonwalk is surely hours of work. But when the curtain opens, the audience feels like it’s just flying. I prepare a lot, but I want each scene to be different. Because the public is, the places are too.

Does the framework of Les Déferlantes inspire you to personalize your show?

I would have to see the decor beforehand. But I’m very excited at the idea of ​​putting my stage there, my scenography. I’ve always been told that Les Déferlantes audiences are very benevolent. I can’t wait to see an audience in a trance, to see a big pogo. Maybe I’ll go down in the crowd. I’m a big fan of that sort of thing. It bothers my manager a bit (laughs). But it’s by feeling, I like to throw myself into the crowd when the atmosphere is right. My mother hates it, she always tells me “you are crazy my girl“. We’ll see if the public at Les Déferlantes is hot, I love to take hot baths.

What can we wish you for the future?

A beautiful summer. A nice tour. And a great album release. And a slam (to throw yourself into the crowd, editor’s note) at Les Déferlantes!

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[VIDEO] Suzane aux Déferlantes: “My brother, a rugby player in Céret, asked me if I would one day play at Déferlantes”

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