[VIDEO] Star Academy: candidates, guests, broadcast… what awaits you on Saturday evening on TF1

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More than 20 years after its debut, the “Star Academy” is back on TF1. Several weeks of competition to choose a singer or a singer who will record a disc and win 100,000 euros.

Autumn 2001. M6 was a hit in the spring with “Loft story”, the first reality TV show launched in France. TF1 responded by launching “Star Academy”. The principle: lock up several young people in a castle, make them work on singing, dancing or acting all day. The big winner was Jenifer.

More than twenty years later, TF1 is resuscitating the show that made it famous. The channel received more than 20,000 applications. The first show airs this Saturday, October 15 at 9:10 p.m. If all the secrets are not revealed, here is what we already know.

Who are the candidates?

It’s a well-kept secret. Their names and faces will be revealed on the show this Saturday evening. The thirteen candidates are between the ages of 18 and 26. The chain nevertheless revealed the identities of the first three candidates. Enola, a young woman, to whom Nikos Aliagas had gone to announce the selection in the public of “Dancing with the stars”; Julien Canaby, 20, from Toulon; Chris Camalon, 20, of Nancy.

Who are the teachers?

The names of the five teachers will be revealed during the first broadcast. Historical teachers like Armande Altaï for singing, Kamel Ouali for dancing or Raphaëlle Ricci for stage expression were not recalled. The “Star Academy” will be directed by Michaël Goldman, the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman. Various speakers will come to meet the students: singers, comedians, youtubers, producers, managers. Lucie Bernardoni, ex-finalist, will be one of the two coaches for the students.

Who are the facilitators?

Like twenty years ago, it is Nikos Aliagas who will host the bonuses on Saturday evening. The second part of the evening will be presented by Karima Charni, ex-candidate of season 4.

Who is the godfather of “Star Academy”?

It is the British singer Robbie Williams who has been chosen as godfather. The name of Celine Dion had a time circulated in the press people.

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Which stars will come and sing on Saturday night?

TF1 announces the arrival of many French singers and singers during the broadcast on Saturday evening: Juliette Armanet, Amir, Slimane, Véronique Sanson, Michel Polnareff, Gims, Dadju, Naps, Soprano, Pomme, Mika, Adé or even Julien Clerc.

How will the show go?

The mechanics of the game do not change. Students will be assessed in singing, dancing and sometimes acting. At the end of the assessments, a class council will appoint three or four students. Warned the next day, they will risk elimination at the premium. One of the nominees will be saved by the public, another by his comrades and the last will be eliminated.

Fans of 20 years ago are not going to be lost. Same credits (“Love generation” by Bob Sinclar), same castle of Dammarie-les-Lys in the Paris region, same daily one-minute phone call to his relatives and same operation: a student will be eliminated each week until elected the 2022 winner.

The anthem and student album will be produced by Quentin Mosimann, former “Star Academy” winner turned DJ.

When will “Star Academy” air?

Six prime times are scheduled for Saturday evening at 9:10 p.m. on TF1, between October 15 and November 26. A reduced version due to the World Cup which begins on November 20 and which will be co-broadcast by TF1. A daily program all in images will be broadcast on weekdays at 5:30 p.m. to experience the highlights of the day.

How will we be able to follow the progress of the students?

At the end of the broadcast of “Star Academy” on TF1 in 2008 (before a brief return to NRJ12 in 2012-2013), social networks were in their infancy. The channel promises a strong presence of the show on the networks. The adventures of the students will also be followed continuously on MyTF1 Maxthe channel’s paid platform.

What will the winner get?

Whoever wins the 2022 edition of the “Star Academy” will leave with a check for 100,000 euros and will record an album with Sony music.

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[VIDEO] Star Academy: candidates, guests, broadcast… what awaits you on Saturday evening on TF1

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