VIDEO: Neighborhood complaints about a Mexican food restaurant in Poble-sec: “They shout, sing and annoy”

A local Mexican cuisine is the target of complaints from the residents of Poble-sec. The “Redrum Mexican Cuisine“, located on Calle de Margarit in the neighborhood, disturbs the rest of the residents, who denounce Metropolis continuous inconvenience from customers.

“The customers of the premises begin to shout and make noise in the wee hours of the morning without caring about the rest of the neighbors: children, the elderly and people who have to work the next day,” portrays a neighbor, who details that the scandal usually begins about 01:30 hours.

Inside the Redrum / REDRUM BARCELONA


The same neighbor recorded last Tuesday, June 7, local customers drinking drinks on the street, coinciding with the “Red Hot Chili Peppers” concert. A weekday when the restaurant is not allowed to serve the public, as shown on the sign at the entrance door. Even so, the Redrum raised the shutter and a small outdoor party was formed in which “electric poles were used as a bar,” the neighbors say.

The resident points out to this medium that her numerous calls to the Guardia Urbana were in vain, since no agent showed up at the scene. The neighborhood ensures that the calls are constant, but the answer is null.

Sign at the door of the Redrum with the schedules / CEDIDA
Sign at the door of the Redrum with the schedules / CEDIDA


In addition to the scandal, the neighbor assures this medium that, when the consumers realized that the woman had gone out to the balcony to record, they harangued her to throw herself. “Jump jump“, can be heard in the recording provided to Metrópoli.

In the images you can also see how the local customers urge the woman to come down, all while consuming on public roads.


The neighborhood also denounces that the place does not have “not even a sign that says: please respect the rest of the neighbors” as there are in others in the area. “Nor does the person in charge ask his clients to please lower their voices.” Residents complain about the “huge noise” caused by opening and closing the shutter late at night, “when it should be closed.”

As if that were not enough, the passage of garbage truck It is also the source of protests: “From 00:00 to 04:00, it spends several times making a lot of noise, disturbing the entire neighborhood. Frankly, I don’t know what they clean if the streets are dirtier than ever,” the woman asks. same neighbor.


Precisely this noise that many residents of Barcelona endure at night was the reason for the demonstration last Thursday at the gates of the City Hall. Some 200 Barcelonans they concentrated on the Sant Jaume Square to protest against excessive noise in some parts of the city, as well as to defend their right to rest.

summoned by the Neighborhood Network against Noisewhich brings together twenty neighborhood organizations in the city, the demonstrators protested against the noise pollution generated by the bottles, the terraces, the tourist flats or the parties.

Demonstration against noise in Barcelona / ERC
Demonstration against noise in Barcelona / ERC

Without sleep we cannot live, We defend our health, Enough of bottles either For the right to resthave been some of the slogans written on the residents’ banners.

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VIDEO: Neighborhood complaints about a Mexican food restaurant in Poble-sec: “They shout, sing and annoy”

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