Video: in full concert, Karol G forgot part of the lyrics of his song ‘Tusa’

On May 14, Karol G performed in Cali, delighting her fans with a magnificent show full of music, dance and, of course, performing hits like My bed, The boat, Tusa and his latest single, provence.

Everything went completely normally, the attendees enjoyed an exemplary concert, starring a world-class artist. Yet when it came time to sing Cob there was a detail that did not go unnoticed: Karol G hummed a small fragment of the song.

“She got tired of being nice, now she’s the one wearing them. That because a man paid him poorly … ”, says the part of the song in which Karol G had to improvise so that her show was not interrupted. The line “He is no longer sentimental” was not clearly pronounced, sowing doubts as to whether the artist forgot that part or had some other inconvenience. However, Karol G dealt with the situation professionally, continuing with the song as if nothing had happened.

In fact, these types of mistakes during live shows are appreciated by fans, highlighting that these are real performances in which the artists do not playback. The Instagram account gossip published the video of Karol G during her presentation, and has received numerous comments from Internet users who praise the artist.

“Hahahahaha, she laughs at herself, that’s what life is about. She is forgiven for everything, ”says one of the featured comments. “Now he can’t sing in English, well”, commented another user as a joke. “And even so it looks spectacular”, highlights another of the messages.

This was the tribute of Karol G and the Niche Group to Jairo Varela in Cali

Surprised were the 38,000 attendees at the Karol G concert in Cali, with the presentation of the reggaeton artist on behalf of a duet performance by La Bichota and Grupo Niche.

In the middle of her concert, the paisa artist presented to his audience the Niche Group, an emblematic group of the capital of Valle del Cauca.

The interpreter kept nothing to herself and confessed that she had always wanted to sing with the orchestra founded by the late Jairo Varela. In this way, La Bichota interpreted and danced with the group the representative ‘Cali Pachanguero’, considered a hymn of the capital of Valle del Cauca.

“Thank you, Grupo Niche for this moment that I will keep forever in my heart”Karol G wrote in a shared story on her Instagram. The orchestra also thanked the paisa for the recognition and the space in her concert. “Grupo Niche vibrating in the house with Karol G. Thank you Bichota for inviting us to your spectacular concert,” the group wrote on their social networks.

The Niche Group not only sang Cali Pachanguerobecause the paisa allowed them the space so that they could also interpret something that staysone of his most recent hits.

Alex Torres, vocalist of Grupo Niche, also left a message on his networks for La Bichota:Terrific night last night! great Karol G… Thanks for the invitation”.

For many, without a doubt, this presentation was their favorite moment of the concert, and they let it be known on social networks. “I loved that part”; “What level”; “It was very exciting”; “What a moment”; “They broke it”, are some of the qualifications of those attending the concert about the interpretation of Cali Pachanguero by Karol G together with Grupo Niche.

The paisa singer appeared in Cali as part of her tour of Latin America, Bichota Tour. Her presentations will continue in Bogotá, where she will have two concerts, on May 21 and 22, respectively, at the Movistar Arena. For her first concert in the capital she did sold outfor which the promoters decided to open a second date.

meanwhile this sunday Carol G won the award for ‘Best Latin Album’ at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, United States, for its production KG0516which includes hits like The Makinón, 200 Cups Y Oh Lord. “I am very happy and grateful, he dedicated this victory to all Latinos, I am very surprised, that there are many more,” she said.

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Video: in full concert, Karol G forgot part of the lyrics of his song ‘Tusa’

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