[VIDEO] American rapper 50 Cent in concert on Saturday in Montpellier, after his success in Paris in the spring

After Sting last week, the Sud de France Arena in Montpellier welcomes rapper, actor, producer and businessman Curtis – 50 Cent – Jackson this Saturday, October 15. An event worthy of the largest concert hall in the region!

Since the construction at great expense of the Sud de France Arena, and the promises that have not gone without, there has not been a season without some questioning its ability to attract the stars that its gauge deserves (14,800 spectators)… and that others consider it insufficient.

What next ! Since its opening in September 2010, thanks to her (above all, to the producers and promoters who took the risks!), Montpellier has welcomed Indochine, Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, Rihanna, Shakira, Miley Cyrus, Muse, Mylène Farmer, Britney Spears, Drake, The Weeknd, Johnny Hallyday, Bruno Mars, Elton John, -M-… and last week, Sting was still a sensation there. Tough, right? Speaking of which, we’re going to be served on Saturday with 50 Cent, the Mr. Muscle of American rap!

Meet hip-hop in the mid-90s

Singer, producer, actor and businessman now well established, Curtis Jackson survived the worst of this reality that despisers of the genre persist in considering as clichés: abandoned by his father at birth in 1975, orphan at 12 years old after the murder of his drug addict and drug dealer mother, he is a sadly juvenile delinquent, oscillating between trafficking and robberies until his encounter with hip-hop in the mid-90s.

He learned the basics with Jam Master Jay (Run DMC) and was quickly noticed. Souci: in his first album to be released by Columbia, there is this typically provocative title how to robin which he details how he would go about stealing from stars like Jay-Z, Master P, R.Kelly, Will Smith, Mike Tyson… The controversy is enormous and the release of the disc, canceled, because (or and) meanwhile, 50 Cent survives a shooting aimed at him!

For the first time in Montpellier

It was Eminem, his “favorite white boy”, who put him back in the saddle and introduced him to Dr Dre. With their invaluable help and production, he published in 2002, Get Rich or Die Tryina now legendary album set with monstrous hits (In Da Club, somebody ?). He installs there his style, his “sound”, built on a muscular, brutal, gangsta imagery and supple beats, filled with bursts of funk and Caribbean rhythms, on which arises his quiet flow, limit soulfull.

If the following The Massacre, is still excellent, and another stupendous card, 50 Cent will never do better. Absorbed by his myriad of business (which one might wonder if, apart from his excellent biopic, Succeed or die by Jim Sheridan, the cinema is not part), he neglects the composition. But not the rap game, where it shines with the abundance and regularity of the clashes that continue to be associated with it, and the scene. After two AccorHotel Arena in Paris in the spring, here it is for the first time in Montpellier. “Go, go, go, go, go, shorty!”

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[VIDEO] American rapper 50 Cent in concert on Saturday in Montpellier, after his success in Paris in the spring

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