There are few times when it is really complex to choose a main genre for a musical project: that is the case with Vic Mirallasa multi-instrumentalist from Barcelona who arrives in Argentina for the first time in May.

The artist began his career studying classical music and in 2013 landed a scholarship at Berklee College of Music. In your profile Spotify we find from reggaetones to funk fusion of academic impetus, songs that are produced as R&B but have jazz harmoniesSpanish rhythms, ultra delicate synthesizers and rock guitars.

Musical talent and the excellence of the instrumentalist do not always correspond to a sensitivity suitable for creating songs that reach the public. It does not seem to be a complication for Vic Mirallas, with whom we chatted to warm up the preview of his dates at the Quilmes Rock and in Niceto.

Who is Vic Mirallas?

Vic Mirallas: That is the most difficult question. [Risas]. I am a musician from Barcelona, ​​I have been in contact with music all my life, my parents are musicians, my sister is. I’m a multi-instrumentalist and producer. About four years ago I started my solo project and now I’m defending it.

“I’m looking for a balance between the commercial and what doesn’t make me angry”

How do you approach the production process?

VM: Each song is a different world, sometimes it comes from a jam, sometimes from chords or a phrase, other times I hum on the street, I record myself and when I get home I work on it. Basically, I don’t have a very marked process, and I think that also affects the diversity of the songs, which have different styles.

I heard about Protocol (2015) which is a little older and is very good.

VM: At that time my name was Victor Mirallas, before starting as a soloist. He was a bit more experimental. Seven years ago, he was already on tour with Alejandro Sanzbut my girlfriend was at Berklee because she got in when I graduated. At that time I had that need to show everything I knew, the chords I was studying, the techniques. Over time I have learned to simplify and now I am looking for a balance between what is commercial and what does not make me angry.

How do you find that balance?

VM: Well, I like pop, I like the melodies to be like I said quincy jones: “A good melody is one that can be played with one finger”. I like that they are simple, singable and that they stay in your head. At the same time, I don’t want to use the typical chord wheel that we know, I like to look for the specific in the tensions, that it be a little more rare, that people are less used to hearing it.

Of these new songs that seek this balance, which one did you like doing?

VM: I like ‘Ruina’ a lot, I’m very proud of it. we cured it with lewis, He is the bass player who works with me, and we take care of every detail with great affection. There’s stuff going on all the time, there’s a lot of variety and it goes very well with the lyrics.

Do you think you learned things working with Alejandro Sanz?

VM: Yes! I really like working accompanying musicians, and Ale has some great songs, I was a super fan when I was little and some things still freak me out. I learned to direct a band, I arranged wind instruments and choirs. I also learned how mega tours work. I went from studying to doing first division tours, I have not gone through the van tour and sleeping badlyis an intermediate that I am now experiencing.

“In Argentina something very interesting is happening with music, it is a pioneering country at an artistic level”

How do you feel about going on tour with your songs and where would you like to take them?

VM: I really like people who tell me after the concert that they love my work and are addicted to my music. Hearing people tell you that it makes them feel things is impressive, because when you’re alone at home you can’t imagine it.. i would love to make a Lunary in DF (Mexico). I think my music is more for the theater than for the stadium, I really like the sound that a room can get, in a show where people go to listen. I love any elegant theater that sounds good.

I imagine that working with Sanz has opened the doors for the number of collaborations you have done. Are there any that you particularly enjoyed?

MV: With CA7RIEL I really enjoyed it, it’s great music. I think that something very interesting is happening in Argentina, the music is very well cared for and is reaching a large audience, Argentina is a pioneering country at an artistic level. Here in Spain I think that is not happening, there is a mainstream much more marked and similar. Also with I bite; with Juancho Marques I enjoyed it a lot, on a lyrical level I think he is one of the best rappers-poets, although now he has become a rapper because of the times we are in-, and has a capacity for expression that freaks me out.

I had written down a question about your vision of the mainstream Spanish, would you like to tell me a little more?

MV: I see a tendency to go to the same type of chords and the same type of somewhat banal lyrics. And they win all the awards, sometimes I wonder if it’s the best music or the best promotion, because there are a lot of very talented people, who still don’t work well at all. I’m in WarnerYes, and my goal is to change a little what people hear from within a multinational, although it is something very ambitious and that I have not achieved for now. To keep fighting for it.

If they told you that tomorrow the world ends and tonight you can go see the show you want: what would you choose?

MV: Right now I would go to one of silk sonic, like crazy. Let’s see what those two are up to, they’re great musicians and they have a capacity, a groove and a flow that not many people have.

You come to Argentina. Is there someone you would like to meet, or collaborate with?

VM: I really like the people from NAPHTHA, in fact we are considering possibilities of getting together. I discovered them recently and it was like “wow, this is happening there”. Knowing Russia I like it a lot too, wow It has themes that I find super good.

Mirallas then asked me for recommendations. I told him about the two projects that are my go-to references if I have to recommend Argentine music abroad: Dillom Y Happy Hill.

Vic Mirallas will perform at Quilmes Rock 1/5 and 4/5 in Niceto Club. Click for tickets.

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